Ballasting Plates for Anchoring Heavy-Duty Frame Tents

When Stakes And Water Barrels Won't Work

The best way to ballast your frame tent is by staking or using water barrels. For the times that those solutions aren't an option, we created a custom ballasting plate.

Each ballasting plate is sold with 12 sets of TentCraft footplates, which is equal to the weight of a filled water barrel or holding force of stakes.

Although this was designed by our in house engineering team, this ballasting product does not comply with our structural analysis of frame tents because it does not place the weights the required 3’6” away from the tent leg. If you need an engineering certification for your event you need to use water barrels or stakes.

Remember: You should never set up a frame tent if you don’t have a proper ballasting system in place. Learn more about the best ways to anchor a canopy tent.

Ballasting Plate Specs

The ballasting plate assembly is made up of 2 steel weldments, treated with black Electrocoating. The center post is removable for ease of setup and transport.

Additionally, the bottom of the plate receives 2x strips of 1/4" thick abrasion resistant adhesive rubber to improve friction and prevent sliding.

-The center post weighs 4lbs and is 18" long.

-Total weight: 25lbs.

Other Frame Tent Ballasting Solutions

Proper ballasting is the key to tent safety and longevity. Before using ballasting plates try using the provided tent stakes, water barrels, or even concrete blocks.

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