Custom Printed Barricade Covers

In the world of outdoor events, every surface and object is an opportunity to display key branding for the event and sponsors. Barricades are one of the more common pieces of event hardware that is transformed into promotional signage. Barricade covers typically come in 3’, 6’, and 8’ sections.

— Fabric and vinyl material options

— Universal or stretch fit

— Single-sided or double-sided printing

— Custom sizes available

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Types of Barricade Covers

Barricade cover options depend on the type of hardware. Providing hardware specs allows us to guide you toward the right type of cover.

Stretch Fit Barricade Covers

Fitted barricade covers are fabricated with three velcro tabs on each side. Many barricades are designed to interlock, so this cover design accommodates both interlocking and non-interlocking barricade models.

Rectangle Barricade Covers

Rectangle covers have a rectangle shape with velcro at the bottom for quick and easy installation. Hybrid barricade covers are slightly more cost-effective than fitted covers.

Tool-Free Design

Quick Install


1-Year Warranty

Custom Fabrication

Custom UV Printing


3', 6', 8' Sections

Caesars Sportsbook Rectangle Barricade Covers

Barricade Covers FAQs

  • Do you also sell barricade hardware?
  • Yes, we can source barricade hardware for your next event. If you have existing hardware, we can custom fabricate your barricade covers to fit that hardware.

  • Will you send me a final art proof?
  • Absolutely! As part of our process, we will send you a final proof for approval and will allow you to make changes if it's not perfectly aligned to your brand.

Here's How To Get Pricing On Your Barricade Covers