Pop-Up Tents for COVID-19 Employee Screening in the Workplace

TentCraft /// 04/14/2020

As remote workers return to the office and lockdown orders are eased, organizations across the country are preparing for a difficult task ahead - keeping their people safe and facilities COVID-19 free. And the best way to do that, if at all possible, is to keep it out to begin with. But doing so isn’t easy.

You’ve probably seen coronavirus testing and treatment tents on the news or in your local community, and the next place they’re headed is the workplace. Organizations big and small are working to develop an effective first line of defense for their facilities, and for many that means setting up a dedicated coronavirus screening tent to test employees and visitors before entering the workplace. Read more to learn about some of the different tent setups businesses are using to screen employees and protect their business from COVID-19.

Why Screen Employees for COVID-19?

Scientists studying the COVID-19 pandemic have found the virus to be extremely contagious. It can survive for days on surfaces, making it extremely difficult to get rid of once introduced to an environment. For that reason, you want to keep anyone potentially infected away from your facilities until they are cleared to enter, and the only real way to do that is by screening employees for symptoms with a dedicated coronavirus screening station for employees.

Long island drive thru temperature check station

5x5 employee screening tent

pop up temperature screening booths for employers

Open Roof Design for Indoor Applications

indoor portable temperature screening booths

The Benefits of a Dedicated Employee COVID-19 Screening Station

The main benefit of screening employees and visitors for coronavirus symptoms is to create a bottleneck that makes it difficult for the virus to enter your facilities and spread to more people. Ideally, you want to catch people that are potentially infected before they get in, so doing this in a dedicated screening station in a controlled environment is the best possible choice.

A screening tent allows you to set and enforce the criteria required for entering company facilities. Many employers are having employees and visitors answer screening questions along with passing a temperature check before gaining access.

This gives YOU control over developing and enforcing your COVID-19 safety procedures, resulting in lower rates of transmission while giving employees peace of mind that their safety is paramount to providing a healthy workplace environment.

Pop-Up Tent Types for Workplace COVID-19 Screening

There are several different types of screening tents employers can use depending on their facilities, space, and circumstances.

Outdoor Multi-Purpose Pop-Up Medical Tents



customized tent for employee temperature screening


White 10x10 medical tent with custom peak flag, printing, and a roll up entrance on the TentCraft production floor

Multi-purpose medical tents like these can be set up near entryways so employees and visitors can be screened before entering a workplace. Popular sizes are 5’x5’, 5’x10’ and 10’x10’, which allows for screening services to be rendered without taking up too much space.

Employee COVID-19 Screening Tents with Dedicated Lanes

2 Lane, walk-through, one-way temperature check station with floor grid for social distancing purposes

overhead view of 2 lane, walk-through, one-way temperature check station with people waiting in line


Employers can set up screening tents that filter people through dedicated lanes so more people can be screened in an orderly fashion. These can be customized and adjusted as necessary and built with booths to isolate those working the tent.

Drive-Thru COVID-19 Screening Tents for Workplaces

Two way drive thru screening tent with cars lined up and custom signage

Perhaps the most efficient way to screen a large number of employees is to set up a drive-thru temperature check screening tent near parking garage or lot. This allows screening to take place with people isolated in their cars and without significantly disrupting normal procedures. Employees are simply screened as they drive through the tent before parking, creating an orderly procedure for companies with a large workforce.

COVID-19 Temperature Check Booths for Employee Screening

Floor lines separate people that wait to approach the temperature check medical popup-tent

A small, enclosed temperature check booth will meet the need for most small-businesses. These can be placed outside entryways so employees and visitors can be screened before entering a building.

Indoor Flat-Top COVID-19 Workplace Screening Tents

outside view of a white 13x26 emergency flat-roof medical hospital tent with roll-up entry

For organizations with large, open entryways, an indoor screening tent might be the best option. Indoor flat-roof tents can be easily set up to allow for orderly screening in a dedicated space. These tents are highly customizable to fit any space and easily set up and break down.


While no system is fool-proof, screening people for COVID-19 before entering your facilities at least ensures that anyone actively showing symptoms, like a fever, is prevented from entering. And doing so in a dedicated space like a medical tent is preferred so that screening procedures can be conducted in an orderly and efficient way, and so those that are showing symptoms are prevented from entering a building where people are working. Taking steps like these will help ensure businesses and organizations around the country are able to open their doors again while keeping people as safe as possible.

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