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Product Specs

Set-up Instructions and Videos

Select by Product Type and/or Size to get immediate tent and accessory set-up instructions (PDF) and videos. If you're having any issues with a purchase, contact your sales rep or use the contact form here.

Pop-up Tents

10x10 MONARCHTENT Setup Video
10x20 MONARCHTENT Setup Video
10x10 mightyTent Setup Video
10x20 mightyTent Setup Video
10x10 MONARCH & mightyTENT
10x20 MONARCH & mightyTENT
Full Wall
Tent Full Wall Setup Video
Half Wall
Four Leg Wall
Six Leg Wall
Counter Setup Video
Peak Banner
Peak Flag
Peak Flag Setup Video
Rain Gutters
Rain Gutter Setup Video
Flag Spindle
Flag Spindle Setup Video
Heating Kit
Heating Kit Setup Video
Lighting Kit
Canopy Removal and Installation
MONARCHTENT Canopy Replacement Video
MONARCHTENT Leg Replacement Video
Half Wall Bar Setup Video
Multiple Pop-up Tent Walls Setup PDF
Multiple Pop-up Tent Walls Setup Video
Drone Enclosure Netted Wall Setup
Triangle Leg Banner Setup
Maggie Explains Multiple Tent Wall Attachment
Lighting Kit Setup
10x10 MONARCHREACH Setup Video
10x20 Drone Enclosure Setup Video
6-Leg 10x20 Drone Enclosure Setup PDF
mightyTENT Canopy Replacement PDF
mightyTENT Canopy Replacement
MONARCHTENT Canopy Replacement
10x10 MONARCHGABLE Setup Video

Frame Tents

10x10 E-Series
15x15 E-Series
20x20 E-Series
10x10 X-Series
10x20 X-Series Setup
10x20 X-Series Setup Video
15x15 X-Series
15x15 X-Series Setup Video
20x20 X-Series
20x20 X-Series Setup Video
20x30 X-Series
20x40 X-Series
20x40 X-Series Setup Video
Water Barrel
Water Barrel Setup Video

Inflatable Tents

10x10 GYBE
10x10 Gybe Setup Video
13x13 GYBE
13x13 GYBE Setup Video
17x17 GYBE
17x17 GYBE Setup Video
Full Wall - GYBE
Full Wall - GYBE Setup Video
Fusion Panel - GYBE
Fusion Panel - GYBE Setup Video
Sun Shade - GYBE
Sun Shade - GYBE Setup Video

Truss Structures

10x20 Truss Structure Setup Video
10x20 Truss Setup PDF
Truss Roof Drain Installation Video
Water Barrel Setup Video
Water Barrel Setup PDF

Event Signage

8x8 Media Wall
8x10 Media Wall
8X10 Media Wall Setup Video
mightyTABLE Setup Video
Feather Flag
Shark Fin Flag
Rectangle Flag
Tear Drop Flag
SEG Soft Goods Setup
SEG Frame Setup PDF
SEG Lightbox Frame Setup PDF
3D Lit SEG Setup PDF
3D SEG Setup PDF

Stock Color Chart

While full digital printing delivers the highest quality print, our available stock colors are a great option if you're looking for a stronger price point.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tent and Event Structures

  • What is the difference between TentCraft and all other similar companies?

  • TentCraft is the industry leader in producing professional, high-quality marketing tents, flags and other printed experiential marketing elements for the most discerning brands and agencies across North America.

    All other companies import their tent frames from other countries. TentCraft manufactures every element of the mightyTENT and MONARCHTENTentirely in America. Most other companies print and fabricate their tent roofs in foreign countries with cheap labor. TentCraft prints and fabricates all of our custom tent roofs and walls entirely in America. Vertical integration allows us to control the project life cycle, allowing us to optimize for speed, quality, and one-off entirely custom projects. Additionally, we are proud to employ a workforce of American craftsmen who are committed to producing the highest quality product possible. USA! USA!

  • What are the weights and dimensions of your tent options?

  • Each product webpage will have each size weight and specs. Or visit our SUPPORT / PRODUCT SPECS page for the complete TentCraft product specifications.

  • Are your tent canopies waterproof?

  • No, they are water-resistant. Our fabrics are coated with a finish that makes them impervious to water, but not entirely waterproof. With extended exposure to water or heavy rain, water can bead up on or under the fabric. This can lead to droplets making their way through the fabric, particularly on or around seams where the material has been punctured by sewing needles in the fabrication process. Our pop-up tents are designed to provide limited shelter and protection during inclement weather, however, they are not permanent shelters and should be taken down during severe or sustained rain storms.

    Although each TentCraft product is built with the highest level of quality and can withstand a wide variety of weather variants, TentCraft still highly recommends that the product is collapsed after each use, unless otherwise specified, and not left unattended for extended periods of time.

  • How should I store my tent?

  • Proper storage of any TentCraft product will ensure a long and happy life for your product. Do not store or fully collapse your canopy when it is wet. Your canopy should be partially collapsed and allowed to dry prior to final storage to preserve the print and finish. Collapsed products should be stored in their storage bags in a well ventilated and covered location. With proper care, your TentCraft products will last many years. Stored incorrectly, they could become easily damaged. Please do not hesitate to reach out with specific product storage questions.

  • Should I leave my tent up for extended periods of time?

  • No. Pop-up tents are built to be temporary and taken down after each use. Taking down your tent will ensure the longevity of your tent.

Art & Printing Process

  • Can my design team use templates to create and submit our own tent art?

  • Yes. If your team would like to design a tent layout, we can provide design templates. Please let your sales representative know that this is the route you'd like to take, and they'll provide you with the appropriate templates.

  • Do you offer design services?

  • Yes. Our talented art & design team is happy to be involved as much or as little as you'd like in the overall design of your project.

  • Will I receive a proof before print production begins?

  • Yes. You will need to approve a digital proof for all custom-printed products prior to print production. You will work with a Project Manager for approval prior to beginning production.

  • What type of logo file do you require?

  • Our preferred file type is anything in a Vector format. Vector files are print ready and can be scaled infinitely without any loss of quality. Vector files are typically created in Adobe Illustrator and end with the file extensions ".eps" or ".ai." Lower resolution formats tend to become blurry and lose sharpness when the size is increased, which is necessary for large format tent printing. We can accept lower quality images and help to recreate them in a Vector format, but this can slow down the mock-up process by 24-36 hours depending on how intricate your logo is.

  • Will my finished tent match my mock-up?

  • Yes. Our team handles all mock-ups very carefully to guarantee the most accurate representation of your design. With the exception of screen color variances (varying levels of ability to display colors on monitors and screens), your tent will look identical to the digital proof that you approve. This means that you should pay very close attention to the details - spelling, phone numbers, website addresses, etc. We will print things exactly as you approve them as we have no way of knowing that they should be any different. If a tent is printed with a misspelling that was approved on the mock-up, you will be responsible for any costs associated with the reprint.

  • What are PMS colors?

  • The Pantone Color Matching System (PMS) is a standardized color reproduction system. Providing us with your PMS colors is the best way to ensure color accuracy. If you're unsure what PMS fits your company/brand, use this online Pantone Color Selector to quickly find and select accurate colors. Sharing the exact PMS code with TentCraft will help our art team color-match for your product.

    If Pantone colors are not provided, we will do our best to print colors accurately, but without a match-print or Pantone color to compare to, there will be some level of variance and subjectivity. We highly encourage you to provide us with a match-print or Pantone colors in order to avoid costly reprints.

  • What is Dye Sublimation Printing?

  • The digital dye sublimation print method has two parts. First, graphics are printed onto a special transfer paper using sublimation inks. Second, the material is fed around a rotating heat cylinder drum to transfer the ink from the paper to the substrate. The combination of heat and pressure causes the dye to penetrate the substrate and create a permanent color bond. The sublimation process results in the dye going from solid to gas to solid state without ever going through a liquid form. Science!

    Because the colors are embedded in the fabric and not printed on the surface, the graphics won't chip or crack even after washing.

  • What are your artwork requirements?

  • - Preferred file formats:  Adobe Illustrator (AI), Photoshop (PSD), TIFFs, EPS, SVG, and Adobe PDFs

    - Fonts:  All fonts must be converted to outlines in order to avoid any defaulted text. If fonts are not converted to outlines, please provide the fonts.

    - Images:  All rasterized images should be at least 72dpi at print size or 720dpi at 10% scale. All vector art will be printed at the highest possible resolution. Rasterized (photo) images should be CMYK, not RGB. Please include the native files for all linked images.

    - Colors:  Please call out appropriate Pantone colors using Pantone Coated swatches in your artwork.

    - Scale:  Please set up your artwork at 10% scale. All TentCraft templates are also provided at 10% scale.

Ordering and Returns

  • What happens after I request a quote?

  • One of our Sales Representatives will review all of the information that you submitted. From there, you will receive a call to discuss your specific needs within about 30 minutes during business hours. We don't want to sell you something that you don't need, and we want to get you the most accurate pricing possible the first time, so the call really is important.

    During our initial conversation, we'll make sure to first answer any and all questions that you have. We'll then gather general intel from you about your event and/or the type of tent setup you're interested in. We've produced a lot of custom tents and accessories over the years so feel free to pick our brains for ideas and solutions! Following this conversation, we'll send over a detailed quote - typically within 15-30 minutes of the call ending.

    If you have artwork readily available, we'll obtain that from you and our design team will create a 3/4 view mock-up rendering of what your custom tent will look like - FREE OF CHARGE.

    If everything looks good and you approve the quote and mock-up, we'll begin producing your tent and/or any other event hardware and signage as soon as we receive payment and shipping information. Once everything is approved on your end, we can produce a completely custom order within 3 business days on average.

  • Why can't I get pricing on your website?

  • Everything that we do is custom, made to order and hand-fabricated right here in Traverse City, Michigan. We're focused on giving our clients all the options they need, even if that means we're custom fabricating one-off hardware accessories and more. Blanket pricing just doesn't work with a custom shop.

  • Can I cancel my order?

  • This is not ideal. In order to get products into our client's hands quickly, we begin production as soon as you give us approval. However, if you need to cancel your order for any reason, contact your Sales Representative or Project Manager immediately. They will determine where your order is in our production process. While we cannot refund any custom work done, we will be able to refund stock hardware costs as long as the order has not shipped.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express via our online payment portal. We can accept checks, but this will delay production as we must wait for it to arrive and ultimately clear prior to beginning production.

  • What is the production time for my order?

  • On average we produce custom orders within 3 days. If necessary we can produce most orders even faster. Please ask your Sales Representative about your options should you need something immediately. Please note that shipping times are not included in this timeline, but next day shipping is available to most markets. Our standard shipping method is FedEx ground, which is a 2-4 day ship to most markets.

  • What shipping options do you offer?

  • Our primary method of shipping is FedEx Ground. We can however expedite for an additional charge. Please let your Sales Representative of any drop-dead dates during your ordering process to determine the best shipping option.

  • What is your return policy?

  • There are no returns on any custom-printed products.

  • What is your return policy for damaged items?

  • Any products that are determined to be found damaged after opening must be reported to your Sales Representative within 1 day after received. Your TentCraft team will work on a quick and agreeable solution to any damaged product. If your shipment contains extensive damage to the outer packaging upon delivery, refuse the shipment and contact us immediately at 1-800-950-4553.

Warranty and Repair

  • Does TentCraft have a warranty?

  • Yes. Every product has a manufacturers warranty against defects. To view the warranty specifics applicable to your product, please view the individual product page on our website.

  • Is normal wear and tear covered by warranty?

  • No. While we fabricate all of our products to meet the highest standards in the industry, we cannot guarantee that they will look brand new forever. Over time if exposed to the elements prints will fade and lose some of their vibrancy. The TentCraft warranty will cover defects in manufacturing but wear and tear that is typical of an aging product will not be covered.

  • Who can I talk to about repair or replacement?

  • As part of the "TentCraft Promise," we will deliver the highest level of quality and client service because we think you deserve it. If you have any issues with your product that needs replacement or repair, please contact your Sales Representative or Project Manager, call us at 1-800-950-4553 or send us an email at info@tentcraft.com.

Warranty/Support Request