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A Branded Experience that Transports in a Backpack.

The GYBE inflatable tent can be set-up by one person in less than five minutes and unlike cheaper inflatable tent models, requires no continuous fan to keep upright. Because these inflatable tents have no rigid frame, the GYBE is also low-weight, needs minimal storage and travels to any event painlessly.

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Available Sizes - 10x10, 13x13, 17x17, & 20x20


A Branded Experience that Transports in a Backpack.

The GYBE inflatable tent can be set-up by one person in less than five minutes and unlike cheaper inflatable tent models, requires no continuous fan to keep upright. Because these inflatable tents have no rigid frame, the GYBE is also low-weight, needs minimal storage and travels to any event painlessly.

View Inflatable Tent Specs

View 1 Year Warranty

Available Sizes - 10x10, 13x13, 17x17, & 20x20

Certified 1 Year Warranty
Easy Transport & Storage
Quick Set-Up Time
Multiple Sizes Available
Extreme Durability
Modern Eye-catching Aesthetics

Included with Every GYBE

Every GYBE ships with a transportation backpack, double-stroke 12V battery pump, sand donuts, 4-Guy wires for fastening and a “just-in-case” repair kit.

A few accessories that work with your GYBE Inflatable Tent

GYBE Fusion Panel for connecting inflatable tents

GYBE Fusion Panel

GYBE's of various sizes can be connected to cover a larger event footprint and create a head-turning scenery of inflatable tents.

GYBE fully printed side wall for inflatable tent

GYBE Side Panel

Enclose your GYBE inflatable tent space and use the side panel space to customize with your branding. All side panels can include an additional zipper option for more versatility.

GYBE Sunshade for custom inflatable tent

GYBE Sunshade

Create a unique entrance and shady oasis for event participants.

Inflatable event counter

Inflatable Counter

This versatile pop-up counter delivers strong visual aesthetics, extreme portability and sets up in one minute—and like everything else in our event arsenal, it can be custom printed.

GYBE Sizes

The GYBE Inflatable Tent is available in four sizes: 10x10, 13x13, 17x17, & 20x20

The GYBE is lightweight, quick to set up, combinable in any number of ways, individually tailored to your needs, and reliably constructed for both indoor and outdoor events.

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  • Is the GYBE the right fit for you?
  • The GYBE is a perfect fit if you’re looking to check any of the three boxes:

    • - Super unique aesthetic that stands out in a sea of white pop-up tents.

    • - Lightweight and convenient for traveling. Usually checkable on a flight (check with your airline to be sure!)

    • - Available in large sizes that still pack down into a duffel bag that you can toss in the backseat of an SUV or minivan (and in many cases, a sedan).

    If none of those things are on your priority list, it actually might not be a great fit for you and it wouldn’t make sense to invest in a GYBE. But for folks who are nodding their heads and dreaming about the day when they don’t need four people on hand to set up a tent with a 20x20 footprint, this is the highest quality kit on the market.

  • How much does it cost?
  • The final cost of your tent is going to depend on a few factors, including size, scope of print, additional accessories, shipping method and if your state charges sales tax on items purchased from remote sellers. For a more detailed look at the numbers and how you can customize your project to hit a specific budget, we recommend you request a quote. For a general idea, the GYBE base costs range from $2,700 to $5,499.

  • What sizes are available?
  • The GYBE inflatable is available in 10x10, 13x13, 17x17, and 20x20 options.

  • How long does it take to inflate?
  • From 2-15 minutes, depending on the size. The smaller 10x10s are fully inflated really quickly, but the larger 20x20 is going to take that full 15 minutes.

  • Does it need a constant air source?
  • This part is cool. It does not require any kind of constant air source or blower to stay inflated. Think of it like a beach ball. You fill it up with air, close the valves and enjoy until you’re ready to take it down. Then just release the valves and call it a day.

  • How quickly can it be shipped?
  • Okay, hang with us here because there’s a couple of routes you can take that will directly impact your delivery timeline. The first thing to know is that the GYBE is one of only a few tents that we do not manufacture in house. We are the USA distributor and while we stock several unprinted kits at all times, we can also fulfill fully custom printed setups.

    • Option 1: An In-Stock Tent with Spot Printing We stock a few of each size - 10x10, 13x13, 17x17, and 20x20 - in a few basic colors like black and white, here in Michigan. While we cannot custom print the entire kit to color match or be a gradient or texture, we can print and apply decals so your tent is branded with your logo and information. This option is ready to ship within 3 business days.

    • Option 2: A Fully Custom Printed Tent, Made-to Order If you’re looking for a fully printed GYBE, maybe to color match to your brand’s Pantone guidelines, or to achieve an edge-to-edge pattern over the canopy, then you’ll want a made-to-order GYBE. The production timeline is a bit longer at 14-18 business days before its ready to ship.

  • What accessories are included?
  • The inflatable GYBE comes standard with a transport backpack (because it rolls up tiny enough to fit in a backpack, can you believe?!), a pump, donut-shaped sandbag anchoring kit, and a just-in-case repair kit.

  • Why should I invest in the GYBE over cheaper inflatable options?
  • First, we want to acknowledge that anything inflatable sounds scary. We’ve probably all had enough bad experiences with an air mattress or those huge inflatable beach ducks/flamingos/unicorns that had a *moment* a few summers ago. Cheap plastic is really easy to damage, period.

    So we don’t do this cheaply. We’ve honed in on a supplier that is as committed to quality as we are. The GYBE is wrapped with a Dacron shell that protects the inflatable bladders. We know the material used to build a GYBE is proven in the kiteboarding industry and it not only does a rockin’ job protecting the inflatable, but is also fire-rated, water-resistant, and UV stabilized.

    Here’s the thing: we don’t want to deal with an exploded or leaking tent any more than you do. It’s pretty much the worst way to spend a day for all parties. There are cheaper models on the market, but like any industry, there’s usually a reason something costs less. Corners were cut somewhere.

    We recently had a customer that believed what we were saying about quality, but also wanted to give the cheaper options a chance. They bought one GYBE and an inflatable from somewhere else. The plan was to use them together and see if there was any noticeable difference.

    We were down with it. Honestly, we were interested.

    Well, in an anti-climatic twist, at the first setup, the GYBE operated as expected, while the alternative exploded. We can’t make this stuff up, guys.

  • How long is the warranty?
  • The GYBE is covered by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, which covers the repair or replacement of defects caused by manufacturer error.

    View the GYBE warranty

  • How do I set up my GYBE Inflatable Tent?
  • It's easy! Follow our instructions here.

How-to Videos & Support Resources

Step-by-step setup video guide for properly setting up a GYBE Inflatable Tent.

GYBE Tent Setup

GYBE Wall Setup

GYBE Fusion Panel Setup

GYBE Sunshade Setup

What Made In America Means

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Made In America

Some companies throw around the phrase, “Made in America,” pretty loosely in our opinion. Truth be told, more than 95% of the custom tent industry today imports metal frames from overseas and prints the branded canopies in the U.S.

At TentCraft, we choose to control quality, focus on speed, and support American craftsmanship — right here in Northern Michigan. We manufacture all of our aluminum tent frames in house and print the branded canopies in the same facility. All of our custom solutions are setup for a final inspection, then carefully packaged and shipped from our headquarters near Lake Michigan to all corners of the United States.

American made. American sourced. American jobs.

We believe our way is better.

TentCrafters focus on innovation, quality, and customization to better serve our customers. And that results in some obvious and not-so-obvious benefits.

Of course, there’s that good feeling you get supporting good old-fashioned American manufacturing. But when you need a custom tent tailored to your brand and event, you want a team of experts on your side who are all under the same roof. From designing your canopy to figuring out a way to create some off-the-wall structure to really stand out at your next event, our knowledgeable team of sales reps, project managers, creative artists, metal fabricators, printing specialists, and sewing savants collaboratively bring your pie-in-the-sky idea to life.

We Make it here

We Make It Here So We Can Make It Better

Better Protection for your team, brand and investment

Better Features & Accessories to simplify events

Better Customization to support unique ideas and help you stand out

Better Turnaround Times to accommodate changes and last minute opportunities

Better Knowledge & Expertise with Engineering, Art, Print, Sewing, & Metal Machining being under one roof

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