How Much Weight Is Needed to Hold Down a 10x20 Canopy Tent?

Andrew Dodson /// 03/08/2022

A 10x20 canopy tent is a popular option among sports teams (especially cross country teams!) because it offers twice the square footage of a traditional 10x10 canopy.

However, that also means it requires more weight to anchor it down properly and achieve its certified wind rating.

A 10x20 canopy from TentCraft requires 370lbs of ballasting — our fancy word for anchoring a canopy to the ground — to achieve a 35mph wind rating. That’s 170lbs more than what’s needed for a 10x10 and a 10x15 tent, despite the 10x20 being more than 30lbs heavier. A 13x26 needs 400lbs of weight. That wind rating is only for a 10x20 pop-up canopy with no walls.

Larger tents, like a 10x20, are heavier, but the larger canopies have a larger surface area, which negatively impacts wind rating. That's why you need the extra weight.

So, what are your options to weigh down this 10x20 canopy? We have a few suggestions.

First, your 10x20 mightyTENT or MONARCHTENT comes with a staking kit, which is always the preferred way of ballasting a tent. Our engineers calculate a single, properly installed stake is equivalent to 200lbs of weight. So, the 800lbs of weight from four stakes is more than 2x the weight needed to achieve the optimal wind rating.

Staking is great if you are set up on grass or dirt, but it’s not always possible when you set up on concrete. That’s where our 50-pound footplates come into play. A 10x20 tent features six legs, so a footplate on each leg gets you 300lbs of weight. That’s 70lbs short of that 370lbs calculation, but it will still help you achieve a respectable wind rating. If you’re concerned about it, you can add two extra footplates to put you over the recommended weight by 30lbs.

Remember to factor in the cost of footplates when budgeting for your project.

While our custom pop-up tents do come with a certified wind rating from an actual engineering firm, we’re always quick to mention that when winds start touching 40mph, we highly recommend taking your tent down. Could your tent survive a few quick gusts at those speeds? Sure. But let’s not test it.

Any other 10x20 questions?

If you’re in the market for a custom 10x20 pop-up tent and want to learn more, reach out to our team of tent experts today.

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