Custom Tents - More Than a Commodity

Tentcraft /// 01/30/2017

As a member of TentCraft's Inside Sales team, I'm often reminded that our event tents and structures aren't the most budget-friendly on the market. Accordingly, my conversations often center on why making a greater initial investment with TentCraft can ensure deadlines are met and help avoid additional costs down the road for things like replacement parts, canopies, and entire tents. This often leads to a brief discussion surrounding brands and commodities.

While the world of outdoor tents and event signage appears commoditized, everything we do is custom — a big reason why you won't find pricing on our website. Well, what about the hardware? TentCraft is the exclusive MASTERTENT™ partner of North America, meaning you won't find our heavy duty, anodized aluminum frames (with patented design and accessory features, I might add) anywhere else. Same goes for similar products on our roster, including the inflatabled Signus ONE and MASTERTENT shop pop-up model, among others. While the general class of canopy tents is a commodity, the design, materials, and associated functionality is what distinguishes our tent models. From patented design features and accessories to edge-to-edge custom printing — it's all distinct. There's no apple-to-apple comparison to even allow for a decision based solely on price.

While we could source cheaper hardware and even outsource certain aspects to our business to focus on being the price leader, we take extreme pride in being a scalable, full-service partner for our clients — we design, we print, we manufacture, we custom fabricate, and we even train on and offsite for larger experiential programs and mobile events. In the end, we'd rather be the quality leader with a distinct set of capabilities.

You'll also find that the work we create and the team that creates it is as unique as the bygone harbor towns that embrace the region we call home. For example — our President is a recent Stanford GSB graduate with a background that includes a stretch on Wall Street, working for the U.S. Forest Service as a wild-land firefighter, and a 10-month tour of guard duty at Guantanamo Bay. He also rides a Vespa to work in the summer — certainly a contender for "World's Most Interesting Man."

At the end of the day, we are our own brand. We have a unique personality that stems from our internal culture and the partnerships we seek — and just like our clients, there's a story behind our brand. We believe in our clients' story whether they're a small brand, non-profit, or member of the Fortune 500. Since we can both relate to what we want to accomplish, it's much easier to collaborate from A to Z.

About TentCraft

We’re more than just custom pop up tents — TentCraft is a premium fabricator of all things experiential marketing and outdoor advertising. If it combines metal, fabric and print our team of skilled craftsmen can transform any napkin sketch or wild idea into a fully realized project. Serving the biggest brands on the planet as well as your local High School, if you want the perfect blend of quality and American craftsmanship, we’ve got you covered.