The 9 Best Inflatable Event Tent Designs

Andrew Dodson /// 07/18/2022

Custom pop-up tents are a great way to have a branded presence at an event, but they may not be practical all the time.

TentCraft has customers, for example, who set up vendor booths on top of ski mountains for special sporting events. Those people don’t want to lug a 70-pound aluminum-frame tent up a mountain — even if they’re taking a chairlift or gondola.

That’s a big reason why inflatable tents have become so popular. They’re lightweight (about 30 lbs.), easy to set up (only takes about 5 minutes!), and they look REALLY cool.

Honestly, the unique design and shape of inflatable event tents is another big reason why more brands are going with that style of a custom tent — and even using multiple tents to create a visually-interesting event layout.

At TentCraft, we custom-print GYBE-branded tents in four different sizes: 10x10, 13x13, 17x17, and 20x20. The high-quality inflatable event tent inflates with an included 12V battery-powered pump, which is much easier than using a manual hand pump.

Inflatable Tent for Event: Our 9 Favorite Designs

Custom printing brings any inflatable event tent to life. These are some of our favorite recent projects:

NBC Sports Inflatable Canopy


NBC Sports Bay Area created a setup in Willie Mays Plaza outside Oracle Park - the home of the San Francisco Giants - to promote its show “Say Hey Tuesday.”

The 10x10 GYBE inflatable tent with walls was covered in the trademark Peacock logo. To ensure Giants fans saw the impressive setup, NBC also invested in branded shark fin flags.

Nissan Inflatable Tent


One of the most popular uses for inflatable tents is to show off new cars. The modernistic design of the GYBE tent allows the legs to wrap around the body of the vehicle, while still letting event attendees easily open the doors.

At this Nissan event, the company decided to use the inflatable canopy as a kiosk booth to learn more information about the Nissan Frontier.

BreakAway Inflatable Canopy


There are a growing number of sports data companies that set up shop at combine-type events to measure the speed and strength of athletes. BreakAway is one of those companies.

They now rely on a 10x10 GYBE canopy with branded walls to set up their cameras and other technology to measure an athlete’s key performance indicators.

ArcticFXGraphics Inflatable Tent


If you’re a professional snowmobile racer, you’ve heard about ArcticFXGraphics. The company is a leader in custom-wrapping snowmobiles to stand out in a crowd.

So, it should come as no surprise that the company used multiple inflatable tent canopies varying in size and branding to create a layered aesthetic at a recent outdoor event.

NeonWave Inflatable Canopy


NeonWave, a surf and snow retail clothing brand, set up their inflatable tent at the bottom of a ski mountain in Colorado as a way to engage potential customers about their brand.

PopTarts Inflatable Tent


To celebrate its 50th anniversary, PopTarts designed this super-fun inflatable tent with custom-printed walls. The inflatable structure

Rest Mattresses Inflatable Canopy


Rest is a smart bed mattress that allows you and your partner to adjust each side of the bed with five ergonomically designed body zones.

To promote their product, they installed two 10x10 inflatable tents with sidewalls and placed a queen-sized mattress under each one. The “Nap Zone” is a great example of customizing trade show displays to stand out and generate interest.

Sticker Mule Inflatable Tent


Sticker Mule offers up a great example of a simple, yet effective inflatable tent. This 10x10 setup with a back wall could work perfectly for a farmers market vendor or even a car valet kiosk.

VW Car Display Inflatable Canopy


As mentioned, car manufacturers love inflatable canopy tents at outdoor events and auto shows because they’re easy to set up - you could store the tent in the trunk, for instance - and their design draws in attendees. This Volkswagon inflatable tent is the perfect example.

Design Your Inflatable Tent

Do you have a design idea in mind that can top these inflatable canopy tents? Reach out today to learn more about inflatable canopy tents (and inflatable furniture!).

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