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Meet The Team

At TentCraft, we build the world’s toughest custom tents and structures that help businesses and brands stand out at the most-important events.

None of that gets done, however, without an amazing team focused on a mission to Make it Better through good old fashioned American craftsmanship.

It’s a big reason why so many brands choose to work with us. Because when you get on the phone with us, you know you’re going to talk to an actual person. And if you have a unique request about your project, we can put you on the phone with an actual engineer. Or an actual designer. Or an actual metal fabricator. Hey, if you want to talk with our CEO, we can put him on the phone, too! (Be warned, though — he’s a talker!)

Below are the people who choose to work for TentCraft. They are rooted in humility, hard work, fun, and a little weirdness. And they are always up for a good challenge. Have a crazy idea? Lay it on us, and let’s build something together.