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Make the choice to safeguard against elements that aim to destroy your most prized resources.
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Heavy-Duty Tarps from TentCraft

Commercial grade protective tarps available in either vinyl or poly and built to any size, to provide weather and storage protection for your valuables.

Built on over a decade of American craftsmanship and manufacturing expertise, quality tarps remain a necessity for individuals or businesses that need a defense for their priceless merchandise and belongings.

Whether you’re looking to cover a boat for the winter or creating an enclosed space for materials in a warehouse, our heavy-duty tarps are built to do one thing — PROTECT.

blue polyester tarp covering boats
Polyester Tarps

Made from premium grade 500 Denier Polyester and available in 12 different colors, these Poly tarps are fire, mold/mildew resistant and UV protected for long life. Poly tarps are ready to be sewn to fit your exact needed dimensions. Any shape or any size, we can get you ready.

Poly tarps are ideal for projects like construction or landscaping jobs, for its lightweight mobility and ability to withstand mother nature.

vinyl tarp with grommet holes and tie-down strap
Vinyl Tarps

Available in 10oz, 13oz and 18oz, the Vinyl tarp is built to ward off exposure from harsh weather elements but versatile enough to adapt to your needs. All vinyl options are fire, mold/mildew resistant and UV protected just like our Poly Tarps. Vinyl tarps can be both sewn or welded to ensure a long-lasting seal and can be fabricated completely custom to fit your exact project dimensions.

Vinyl tarps are ideal for industrial applications or large home remodeling jobs that need the highest level of protection.

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