Wells Fargo needed an event tent and I needed to know why the heck their logo was a stage coach being pulled by a team of horses. It was a marriage made in heaven as I was able to provide them with a custom MASTERTENT Shop with full digital canopy (why the leaves and vines, I haven’t the slightest clue) in exchange for a little history lesson. Turns out they got their start running mail, bonds, etc throughout the country with these coaches. That reminded me of the movie 3:10 to Yuma. That movie is certified B.A. and Russell Crowe is a boss. It would have been cool to live then, right? Shootouts, saloon brawls, cowboys, duels. Anyways, back to tents! Wells Fargo used these marketing tents outside of their branches to help sign up new members and it was a huge success. Wells and Fargo themselves said it wouldn’t have worked without their incredible new pop-up tents, and we took their word for it.

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