United Healthcare’s pro cycling team are good at TWO things- riding bikes really fast and destroying tents. They travel all over the country and use their marketing tents many dozens of times each and every year. They were sick and tired of crummy looking 10’x10′ tents, and happened to run into one of our other clients one day on the road. United Healthcare instantly had Tent Envy (a very common medical condition we treat frequently. Look it up or ask your doctor) and knew they HAD to get some MasterTent’s of their own. These custom canopies have traveled the US with them this year and I am happy to report they’ve received glowing reviews from the team. In addition to the 10’x10′ canopies, we also provided United Healthcare with retractable banners, custom table covers and some 60lb footplates. If you are sick of looking like the smelly kid at school during your events with a beat down tent, give us a call and we’ll have you at the top of the medal stand in no time!

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