I know what you are thinking: those don’t look like your typical pop-up tent. What gave it away? Is it the high-quality annodized finish of the tent legs, or just how thick they are (we use twice as much aluminum as some other companies), or the high-quality construction of the tent cover? Perhaps the great looking graphics. Whatever it is, just know that you can have a custom MasterTent that looks every bit as great as the ones you see on this screen. Every single MasterTent is strong enough to support me hanging from the middle of the tent frame. (Yes, our MightyTent line can also support me, but it makes me a little bit more nervous.) Compare this to the generic store bought tents that collapse if someone sneezes next to them. These aren’t your little sister’s popups, that’s for sure. When Calcutta Charters needed professional tents, for professional fisherman, they knew that a MasterTent was the only canopy that made sense.

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