Mike from Mama Jugs called me with an idea, a ton of enthusiasm and an awesome product name- ʺMama Jugs Ice Teaʺ. He wanted a strong tent with custom graphics making it look like a backwoods hillbilly bootlegger shanty. Once I determined this wasn’t a prank call, we got to work designing this incredible promotional tent. This thing has a ton of tent accessories- footplates, counters, a fully operational backwall door, custom double sided printing and a potbelly stove. This canopy tent is an absolute conversation piece at every event they attend and we get countless referrals from folks who have seen Mama Jugs quenching thirst all over Florida. They’ve done so well with this logo tent that they recently ordered a second 10×10 canopy to keep up with the demand. Stop wasting your money on cheap tents and get a showstopper like Mama Jugs did!

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