Did you ever wonder how your custom canopy would perform in the cold weather? I can’t speak for other companies that manufacture cheaper logo tents, but you can rest assured that our top of the line MasterTents can withstand the cold and the rigors of a mountaintop activation. When I go to ski resorts, it is common to see both pop-up tents and frame tents with custom graphics. Many marketers have found that custom event tents can be a great way to introduce your product to a well-heeled demographic. Unlike your basic pop-up tent, MasterTent frames are manufactured in the Italian Alps, and the canopies are fabricated in Michigan. We know a thing or two about winter, and about the cold, and we use durable tents every day. I particularly like this tent setup because it features both 10×10 and 10×15 tents with printed tent walls. This type of tent configuration allows you the flexibility to use to tents together, or to use the various sizes at different parts of the resort. I also just love how the green tents look against the white snow. If you need custom event tents to be used in the mountains, or the snow, or you are sick of cheap tents, please contact any one of our helpful representatives.

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