Lets be honest here, who doesn’t love chocolate milk? Sadly there are people out there that don’t and Milk needed a 10’x20′ experiential marketing event tent to find those people and deliver to them the velvety, smooth goodness that is their product. Using a fully printed 20′ tent back wall as a medium to deliver the cold, hard facts about their brand was easy. But printing a tent canopy to highlight the various interpretations and preferences of chocolatey-ness was a challenge. You squeeze the syrup for a three count. (weeeeeak) Good for you. I use a five count. Regardless of how wrong you are, both recipes should be showcased, and guess what – we nailed it. All variations of chocolate milk were represented using state of the art, edge to edge digital printing. We win, 1-0. Did I mention we printed this entire pop up canopy and wall in three days? Why is this a big deal? Because we know that you probably need something very particular, very custom and very yesterday. TentCraft specializes in hitting all of those marks consistently. Even when you think you’re stuck between a rock and hard place with a deadline, give us a call and we’ll make it work for you.

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