When Cannell came to us, they said ʺTentCraft, we need a printed canopy that can withstand a Zombie Apocalypse.ʺ At first, we thought they were joking, but the look in their eyes said they were serious….dead serious. ʺOur pop-up tents are the best on the market, they are built to handle the worst weather, the heaviest loads and do it while looking great…but why on Earth do you need it to withstand a Zombie Apocalypse?ʺ ʺTentCraft, we build yachts – yachts that can withstand a Zombie Apocalypse and we need to know that your tents can do the same,ʺ they said. Well our pop-up tents can absolutely withstand an invasion of Zombies, but our question is, ʺWhy?ʺ ʺWell…we just want to be prepared….because, you never know.ʺ

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