This custom 10’x20′ MasterTent event canopy was designed to do exactly what Avid mountain bike brakes do – stop you dead in your tracks. With a printed logo canopy and custom, edge to edge graphics on the backwall, Avid is able to take any marketing event to the next level with high quality print on high quality hardware. This style tent has made its way to mountain bike races and other biking industry events all over the United States! With our warrantied anodized aluminum (fancy words for lightweight, corrosion and rust proof), Avid can focus on engaging consumers and not worry about their event tent failing them. I don’t know it for a fact, but I’m pretty sure this tent has been on the top of Mount Everest. Again, don’t quote me on that but that is how lightweight – you can carry to the top of the highest mountain with ease – and strong this pop up tent it is.

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