This is one of my favorite easy up tent setups we have done here at TentCraft. The client was looking for an easy to use canopy tent with counters and other accessories for a marketing program for AT&T. They were tired of cheap tents that break after the first use, so they were ready to invest in a heavy duty, commercial grade MasterTent. Initially they ordered the outdoor canopy as shown. After the first event, they called and asked if we did custom accessories for the tents. Our answer: “Absolutely!” After discussing what they were looking for, we drilled holes in their counters to mount phone pedestals and charging stations, created custom counter skirts to hide all the wiring and counter supports, added a TV mount for a 40″ TV, and for good measure added clear vinyl walls to enclose the entire tent from the elements. The final product is not shown because it was so cool it would definitely crash the interwebs, and we don’t want to be responsible for that. Shoot us a line and we will share photos of the best canopy tent you have ever seen.

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