You’ve probably seen all the branches of the military recruiting at events, fairs and festivals all over the country. When any branch of the military has a presence, they need to make sure they look ʺlocked on and good to go.ʺ The Air National Guard got smart and recognized they needed to upgrade their experience beyond that of the other branches of Armed Forces (sorry USMC) so they stood out in the crowd. They looked to TentCraft and our custom MasterTent 10’x20′ event tents for a solution and we delivered. We used custom logos on the all the canopies to make sure there was no doubt the ANG was in the house. With custom window tent walls and zipper doors, they’re able to protect their gear and people from the elements, no matter what the conditions were. ʺHow does a tent wall keep people warm?ʺ you might ask. Well, it doesn’t…but our custom tent heaters do! I totally got you there. We have heaters that keep you warm, lights that keep you out of the dark and a slew of other accessories that are made specifically for our custom tents and integrate seamlessly with our frame hardware. Basically, we’ve tried to think of everything you might need to make your experiential event go off without a hitch. If you need anything custom at all – speaker mounts, misting fans, hologram Tupacs – give TentCraft a shout and challenge us to find you a solution.

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