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In talking with our customers, we realize the world of buying a tent can get incredibly complicated very quickly. Talking to multiple potential vendors, receiving a wide range of quotes, being unsure how to make a decision, are all par for the course. We want to help make your custom tent buying experience better and more transparent. The tents you order represent your brand to your customers and you should be able to make an informed decision on purchasing while having an enjoyable experience. ...

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Last Call - Finish Your Beer Tents!

08/25/2016 / by Megan Ruediger / Brewery Tents, Quality, Speed, TentCrafters, Tents

Turning an Idea Into a Full-Blown Experience, Beer Tent Style We're two days out from revealing our custom beer tent transformation at the Traverse City Summer Microbrew & Music Festival. This is exciting stuff, you guys. We've been working toward this day for the past three months; back when the idea of turning a brewery's festival tent into a custom-made experience was nothing but a sketch on a whiteboard. ...

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08/17/2016 / by Megan Ruediger / Brewery Tents, Quality, Speed, TentCrafters, Tents

Brewers Talked. We Listened: Custom Solutions to Beer Fest Success As a brewer, you know how challenging beer festivals can be for your business. They're chaotic, and in a sea of brew tents and thirsty attendees, making a dent in an over-populated landscape doesn't come easy. To help you overcome your beer festival hurdles, we sat down with a handful of local...

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Case Study: The 24-Hour mightyTent

06/15/2016 / by Megan Ruediger / Case Study, Speed, Tents

Who'd we help?...

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Built For Speed

06/09/2016 / by Megan Ruediger / Process, Speed, Tents

You need a tent tomorrow? No problem, we'll get it done today. Here at TentCraft, we value our customer's time. We know you're busy, we know you've got deadlines to meet and people to please. That's why, along with quality and customization, we place speed at the top of our priority list. Every facet of our process, from the quote request to the delivery route, is optimized for efficiency and accuracy, and we'll do whatever it takes...

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New Additions - Get to Know Jenn Hodges

08/08/2014 / by TentCraft / Case Study, Speed, Tents

AUTHOR: Jenn Hodges is a recent addition to our Inside Sales Team at TentCraft. In this post, Jenn sheds a little light on her background and how she ended up here at TentCraft. I had a birthday recently—and maybe it's just a personality quirk, but I have a questionable habit of throwing glitter, fireworks and capital "D" Drama at everything from boiling a hot dog to the birth of a child. Everything is a big deal...

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