Why it's better to actually speak to a Sales Rep (on the phone)

Andrew Straley /// 01/10/2019

Oh… the telephone... The modern marvel that seems to become more and more obsolete by the day for many of us. Answer a call from an unknown number? Are you crazy?! Straight to voicemail for you. With text, email and social media platforms evolving by the day, it's not surprising that there is a considerable segment of our population that would be fine to see it go the way of the Dodo all together.

As you might imagine, this mindset can create quite a barrier for sales teams that need to make a connection! We're certainly not anti-technology as we're happy to communicate via live chat, text message or email, but for clear and efficient communication of custom project needs, nothing beats the old reliable telephone. Simply put, a quick phone call always delivers the shortest path to understanding your project needs to our team, allowing us to provide you with the best possible solution.

This brief but essential connection enables our team to fully understand your unique project needs, share past client experiences, suggest solutions that you may not have considered and ultimately produce and deliver precisely what you are looking for. We're also pretty personable, and we love humanizing the experience a bit.

Give us a call sometime. We'd love to chat about your daughter's tee ball game or your next outdoor marketing event!

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