What's Behind Our New 5-Star Rating?

Andrew Straley /// 07/11/2019

You may have noticed that we’ve been showing off our stars a little more than usual lately.

That’s because, in May of 2019, we started working with a globally trusted 3rd party review service called Trustpilot. After much evaluation, we selected this company based on their reputation for collecting fair and honest reviews from customers and its ability to publicly show all reviews (the good and the bad) to potential new customers.

We understand that your purchase with TentCraft was a big decision. Not only just financially, but also because you placed trust in an unknown voice, and company to represent your business and brand correctly for years to come.

We want your past experiences and feedback to be visible to all those that are searching for what it’s like to work with TentCraft along with those that might need reassurance that they’re in the right spot. We believe that our best clients are ones that trust in TentCraft, and that can only come from honesty and transparency into our process and product.

Give a click here to read all of our reviews, feel free to forward this URL to anyone that is thinking about getting started with TentCraft and make sure to add your own feedback if you haven’t yet. We read every comment.

About TentCraft

We’re more than just custom pop up tents — TentCraft is a premium fabricator of all things experiential marketing and outdoor advertising. If it combines metal, fabric and print our team of skilled craftsmen can transform any napkin sketch or wild idea into a fully realized project. Serving the biggest brands on the planet as well as your local High School, if you want the perfect blend of quality and American craftsmanship, we’ve got you covered.