Answers To Our Top 10 FAQs About Custom Tents

/// 12/04/2019

1.) How does the tent ordering process work?

Connect with your sales representative and work out the details of your custom project. They will send you a personalized quote within the day.

  • •  Send us your vector formatted art files for a FREE mock-up.
  • •  Tweak and revise your mock-up until it’s perfect. Then approve your design.
  • •  Provide a shipping address and make full payment. This step lets us send your project to print.
  • •  Typically 3-5 business days later, you’ll receive tracking information as your packages are on their way to their forever home!

2.) Do you offer free mock-ups & renderings?

You bet! Send us your vector formatted logo files, any Pantone colors you use, and some direction and we’ll be glad to send a free mock-up within 24 hours. We can move things around, swap in text and images, and try a few options until it is perfect!

3.) Why aren’t your prices online?

This is a great question and the truest answer is because it depends. Custom pop-up tents come with a lot of variables like frame durability, how much print, and adding accessories. Someone who wants a very simple canopy tent is going to have a different price tag than someone who goes all out, even if it is the same size, and so throwing a number up that isn’t pertinent to your specific project is probably more confusing than helpful.

4.) Will I have to pay sales tax?

Maybe. Sales tax is having an identity crisis right now, thanks to the 2019 Supreme Court decision called South Dakota v. Wayfair. Basically, states now have the authority to collect sales tax from remote sellers that are not physically within the boundaries of their state. Not every state is collecting sales tax right now, so let us know where you’ll be shipping your tent and we can tell you definitively!

5.) What is your standard production time for an event tent with custom graphics?

Custom printed pop-up tents have a standard production time of 3-business days. Custom frame tents are typically 5-7 business days. Then figure in a few days for shipping transit depending on where you are and if you have it expedited.

We do have rush services, so let your sales representative know if you’re up against a tight timeline.

6.) Are your printed tents waterproof?

Our pop-up tent canopies are made of polyester, which is not waterproof but is water-resistant. Our frame tents canopies are made from vinyl, which is a waterproof substrate.

7.) Are they fire retardant?

Yes! We have fire certificates for pop-up tents here, and for frame tents here.

8.) What is the difference between the MONARCHTENT and the mightyTENT?

The MONARCHTENT is a heavy-duty commercial grade frame designed for the weekly and daily users who can’t afford to have issues on the road. The mightyTENT is a medium-duty professional grade frame, great for folks who want premium quality but don’t need anything too heavy.

The MONARCHTENT is built entirely from anodized aluminum components and there are no plastic parts on the frame. It’s burly, heavy, and protected by a lifetime warranty. The mightyTENT is a lighter-weight version of that. It features a thinner frame profile and polymer connecting elements to keep it lighter, while still backed by a 5-year warranty.

9.) What does the warranty cover?

The warranty is a full manufacturer’s craftsmanship warranty, covering defects for 5-years on the mightyTENT and lifetime on the MONARCHTENT.

This means that the warranty will cover things like broken push pins, or a cracked footplate. It does not cover things like wind or water damage or running it over with a car.

10.) Why should I work with TentCraft?

Well, you should only work with TentCraft if our priorities align with yours. We’re focused on high-end, premium quality custom pop-up tents that are designed, built and handmade in the United States. If you are looking for a top-of-the-line aluminum event tent, then we are speaking the same language! Come for the great quality and durability and stay for the awesome customer service!

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