Custom Tent? Yeah, We Can Do That.

04/29/2014 / in Tents / by TentCraft

While we're happy to build a tent in any of our eleven stock colors , what really gets us excited is working with clients to create custom pieces of tent art! Usually this means placing logos on peaks and walls for maximum marketing effect or developing full digital canopy prints to help a brand pop in a sea of "all the same."


But every once in a while we get the chance to do something completely unique. A few weeks back I got a call from MultiCam. They loved the quality of our MasterTent frames and wondered if we could use their proprietary-patterned fabric as a roof canvas. We never overpromise, so we asked them to send a small sample of material to run some tests. We ordered custom-colored logo prints and asked our fabricators to go to town. Turns out the stuff was bulletproof, held the logo well, and looked awesome. The project was a go!

60 yards of fabric and a week later, MultiCam had two VERY custom MasterTents headed their way. We know we're a bunch of tent dorks, but who wouldn't get excited about this stuff?!

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