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A New Addition to Our Inflatable Tent Category

A New Addition to Our Inflatable Tent Category

Andrew Straley /// 11/02/2018

At times a traditional pop-up frame tent isn't the ideal event solution. Perhaps space is limited, or the weight of a frame makes logistics difficult and expensive. Or maybe you just want something different, dammit. Well, TentCraft has a solution for those scenarios and more with our inflatable tent lines.

In late 2018 we introduced a new light-weight inflatable tent called the Nitrox AIRFRAME. This tent abandons metal ridged frames while maintaining the agility necessary for rapid deployment by a single person.

The Nitrox AIRFRAME made a big splash at the 2018 NACDA (National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics) conference and piqued the interest of athletic departments across the nation with its head-turning design.

Spend a little time learning more about this unique tent here or start your quote and have one of our experienced event professionals assist you.