Countdown to Armed Forces Day

05/14/2013 / in Holidays / by Maren

In honor of Armed Forces Day coming up this Saturday, we would like to take a moment to thank all of those who have served our country. We will be featuring various tents that we have had the opportunity to build for the great men and women who serve our country every day until Armed Forces Day. We'll start with the prestigious West Point tents today.

West Point's mission is explicitly written on the homepage of their website: "The United States Military Academy's mission is to educate, train and inspire the Corps of Cadets so that each graduate is a commissioned leader of character committed to the values of Duty, Honor, Country and prepared for a career of professional excellence and service to the Nation as an officer in the United States Army.

Believe it or not, West Point was actually the first engineering school founded in the U.S. West Point has played a significant role in our homeland security since the Revolutionary War. Today both men and women are able to study a variety of fields at West Point, from law to philosophy to nuclear engineering.

West Point 3

West Point 2

West Point


West Point Website

Smithsonian Website

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