Senior Project: A Step Closer to Graduation

05/21/2014 / in General, Guest Author, Tents / by Guest

We're quite fond of the place we call home so we're always excited when we have an opportunity to work with local organizations and sometimes even local high school students. Today's guest post comes from Jordan Peplinski, a senior at Glen Lake High School who recently worked with us for her senior project.

When I thought about how I was ever going to take this picture I painted in my mind and transform it into something physical, I became quite overwhelmed. The design I came up with was for my senior project, which is designed to push me outside my comfort zone to prior to graduation. To help shape my next steps, I met with my uncle Darick who is currently the Director of Event Sales at TentCraft. Together, we were able to develop a step by step process on how to get the ball moving for this wild project.

To give you a little background, we have pole banners attached to large light poles at our high school. They were a few years old so the high school had recently ordered new ones. I thought this was a great opportunity to refresh the look and design of the banners. My uncle eventually introduced me to the TentCraft design team to help flesh out my idea.

What blew my mind was the talent that the graphics artists displayed when creating renderings and sketches for projects that would be put into production. The team helped me take my mental image and transform it into a sketch on paper and eventually a mock-up on the computer. I was shocked at how quick the process was once we were able to sit down together and come up with a few concepts right there on the computer—in minutes! We discussed a few different techniques and cycled through a few designs to make sure the final rendering matched my original idea. I noted all of the processes, keyboard strokes and mouse clicks they had to execute to create these magnificent renderings and thought to myself how long it would take someone like me to create something like this. What looked like hours of work were condensed into ninja-like hand movements.


My uncle mentioned that this was the norm at TentCraft. They often had to help extract and idea and concept from a client's brain to help execute a project—an innate skill of the design team. Here's what we came up with! The anchor graphic is printed on a separate piece of coroplast (made of corrugated plastic) and then attached the pole banner. Couldn't be more excited about the final product! I'll plan to follow up with pictures following the installation! Big thank you to the TentCraft team for their help!

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