03/20/2014 / in General / by Maren

One great thing about working for Britten Studios is that we're always expanding to meet the needs of various markets—from retail centers and sports arenas to experiential marketers and more. As we grow outward, we're also expanding the programs offered to employees as well.

Enter the Britten Health and Wellness committee. There are about 11 of us that get together a few times a month to brainstorm about what employees would want to participate in to improve their overall well being. Our mission is to promote, inform, lead and inspire employees to participate in a healthier lifestyle. We aim to equip our team with knowledge about their health while introducing opportunities to participate in fun, health-improving activities.

Personally, I'm excited to be a part of this organization because I know how helpful fitness groups have been in my life. Being a part of something bigger helps make smaller changes on a daily basis, which helps improve overall health. Here are a few things that we do at the TentCraft office to promote wellness:

+ Exercise ball in lieu of a chair

+ Standing workstations

+ Office plants

+ Office Buddha

Other ideas that the Wellness Committee has come up with or are on the horizon include:

+ Walking contest

+ Britten sponsored sports teams

+ CPR Classes

+ Wellness Fair

+ Race reimbursementsn

Since we're still new at this, we'd love to hear from our readers to learn about what you're doing to promote healthy living in your office. Leave your comments below!

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