Donations - Current Thoughts and Future Plans

02/14/2014 / in General, Messages from Matt, Tents / by Matt

While this is an uncomfortable post to write—I, along with others from our tent team, have had this conversation enough times to warrant a quick post.

In a typical year, TentCraft receives hundreds of requests for donations. We are humbled by the number of worthy causes which offer to partner with us to raise community awareness through sponsorship. The reality is that TentCraft is a startup—and we receive exponentially more requests than we could ever realistically accommodate. From children's hospitals and veteran's associations to cancer walks, churches, museums and more—you name it, we've probably discussed a donation.

It breaks our collective hearts that we're unable to accommodate all of these worthwhile causes. Many of us volunteer in some capacity outside of the office, so we do understand the difficulties that charitable organizations face. While we one day hope that we're able to accommodate each and every organization—we're just not there yet.

As we look into our crystal ball, we can tell you that we're working toward building a fundraising platform/web application for nonprofit organizations. The end goal is for users to leverage the power of their network to raise funds for their tent and other event marketing collateral (Think Kickstarter but for your event marketing needs). Stay tuned for future updates!

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