Mobile Shops: The New Way of Doing Business

06/25/2013 / in Event Marketing, Tents / by Maren

Why wait for your customers to come to you? Have you noticed how popular food trucks have become lately? They're not just for big cities anymore. There's even a new TV show on the Food Network called The Great Food Truck Race. Have you seen it?

Why are people rushing to start these mobile businesses? There are some great advantages:

  • Lower overhead than owing a stationary building
  • The ability to go to your customers rather than waiting for them to come to you
  • Mobile advertising wherever you're parked
  • Ability to quickly get up and move to where the crowds are

Many other businesses, like boutiques or sunglasses shops, are also following the food truck example, selling their goods out of branded trucks. But a branded truck can be expensive, and what if you'd rather be on the same level as your customers rather than up in the truck? A pop-up tent is the perfect insta-shop for many mobile businesses. Pop-ups are easy to move, easily brandable and give you a professional look. An advantage of tents is that they can go where trucks can't, like the park or beach. Here are some tent shops that we've had the opportunity to build for some great mobile businesses:

Wella has made its name in the industry by being on the cutting edge of hair care and design. It's no surprise, then, that they decided to branch out of the salon by using one of our MASTERTENTS to build a mobile hair care station.

Coola specializes in organic skincare with a focus on natural and sustainable ingredients. With a pop-up tent, they're able to bring their product right where people need it -- the beach!

Think hot dogs are unhealthy? Think again. Stanley's Steamers Hot Dog Carts sell only hormone-free, antibiotic-free, naturally low in fat and cholesterol Stanley Steamer grass-raised hot dogs. Their mobile stand gives consumers easy access to a healthier dog.

Tazo encourages consumers to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, like sipping a good tea. This tent with the enclosed walls and windows allows consumers to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, take a break, and enjoy a hot tea

Snowy's is a Bermuda-based company that makes snow cones called snowballs. With how hot it gets in Bermuda, snowballs are always a welcome snack, and this tent allows Snowy's to set up wherever there might be people in need of a snowball!

Mama Jugs sells fresh brewed iced tea at fairs and festivals, and actually offers unlimited free refills! Their entire tent is full digital printed which makes it really stand out, and the mobile counters are a nice option to give the tent a shop look. The ease of mobility allows Mama Jugs to attend several festivals and events throughout the year.

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