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It's that time of the year to get ready for trade shows, festivals, concerts, and all of the other fun events that summer brings. Experiential marketing is a way to reach your customers in a way that no magazine or TV ad can accomplish. With experiential marketing, you engage your customers on a more personal level, which results in a deeper level of emotional engagement with your brand.

Cox reaches out to consumers one-on-one

Cox reaches out to consumers one-on-one

I went down to Cowboy Stadium last fall for the University of Michigan vs Alabama football game and had a great experience with 5 Hour Energy. I was walking into the stadium after a little tailgating, and saw a bunch of people in front of the 5 Hour Energy tent. Of course I had to see what was going on, and was happy when I saw they were passing out free 5 Hour Energy drinks. At about half time I started to get tired so I drank my 5 Hour Energy and felt energized the rest of the game. This was such a positive experience -- a free sample and unexpected pick me up during the game.

5 Hour Energy 10'x10' MASTERTENT to save the day!

5 Hour Energy 10'x10' MASTERTENT to save the day![/caption]

George F. Schweitzer, president of the CBS Marketing Group, explains, "In these days of digital, high-tech, social media, we can't forget how important the one-to-one is" (NY Times). While other marketing strategies are effective, nothing beats one on one interaction with the people you want to work with.

According to a study by Promo Magazine, experiential marketing is the number one form of marketing that leads consumers to actually make a purchase. 85% of those polled agree that a positive experiential marketing experience would cause them to recommend and share their experience with others. 80% affirm that experiential marketing increases an understanding and awareness of that particular brand. According to the study, experiential marketing increases brand credibility far more than any other marketing strategy.

Many of our clients have had very successful experiential marketing campaigns. Check out this slideshow for tips and tricks for a successful experiential marketing campaign:

tent pic
tent pic
tent pic

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