Ebook: TentCraft COVID-19 Emergency Response Solutions

TentCraft /// 05/01/2020

Organizations of all sizes and types are facing significant challenges because of COVID-19. For hospitals and healthcare facilities, offering high volume screening, testing, and treatment services to the general public remains a challenge. And for businesses big and small, keeping employees and customers safe from coronavirus infection is a new and unprecedented challenge that requires taking proactive steps and innovative solutions.

Just like you, we’ve been facing those same challenges here at TentCraft. When COVID-19 hit, we restructured our entire operation around producing medical tents to help meet the need. In the weeks since, we’ve partnered with some amazing hospitals, universites, government agencies, and businesses of all sizes to develop and deliver solutions that help them better respond to COVID-19 related demands.

Because this is all so unprecedented, it’s hard for leaders to even know what solutions are available and what’s working for others.

To help with that, we put together this eBook:
TentCraft’s COVID-19 Emergency Response Solutions Handbook

In it we give an overview of some of the main challenges we’re seeing organizations face, plus popular solutions and applications for solving them.

We’re hoping this will help inform organizational leaders about ways they can improve their COVID-19 response and will be updating it as circumstances evolve and new solutions are developed. And of course, we’re here to help provide additional expertise and solutions tailored to your specific needs!

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