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Case Study: Made-from-scratch MasterTent

Case Study: Made-from-scratch MasterTent

Megan Ruediger /// 07/06/2016

Who'd we help?

The Sunset Side Concessions, a family owned and operated concession stand located on the north and south beaches of Ludington, Michigan.

What'd they need?

The short answer — curb appeal.

The long answer — an outstanding, eye-catching brand presence at this year's Gus Macker basketball tournament in Ludington. They needed a space that allowed for customer engagement and digestible menu displays while generating buzz and excitement around their unique food offerings.

We created a customized 10X20 MASTERTENT with a full-digital canopy, double-sided full-digital vinyl walls, and two durable peak flags for maximum brand exposure.

That's cool, but what made this project so unique?

Our sales rep, Kyle, quickly learned that his client wasn't sure what he wanted the tent to look like. The company didn't have any art files to send us or images to reference, so our art team kicked their world-class skills into high gear to design a completely customized setup from scratch. They even redesigned the company's logo so it could be used for future printing purposes.

And the result?

A happy client.

The Sunset Side Concessions called to let us know that their presence at the Guss Macker was the best event they'd had in 15 years. Initially, the client was torn between purchasing the less expensive mightyTENT or the pricier MASTERTENT. But in the end, they were pleased they decided to go with the latter, as the MASTERTENT'S professional appearance and high-quality features were emblematic of their business and the qualities they represent.

What did they have to say about us?

"... one of the best business decisions I've ever made."

The results:

10x20 MASTER Sunset Side