Megan Ruediger /// 08/17/2016

Brewers Talked. We Listened: Custom Solutions to Beer Fest Success

As a brewer, you know how challenging beer festivals can be for your business. They're chaotic, and in a sea of brew tents and thirsty attendees, making a dent in an over-populated landscape doesn't come easy.

To help you overcome your beer festival hurdles, we sat down with a handful of local brewers and owners to uncover and dissect the challenges you face at these influential events. What we found is that our services at TentCraft function in perfect harmony to solving your festival pain-points.

Pain-Point #1: My beer tent is always a sticky, dirty, unorganized mess.

Pouring beer is a messy business. You're going to spill, the beer is going to drip all over your serving table, and things are bound to get messy. No one's perfect. It's fine. Fortunately, we created a custom-made countertop that's built with sanitation purposes in mind. Its glossy finish and built-in storage units eliminate mess like a boss, making your custom brewery tent and your brand that much more pristine.

Pain-Point #2: My merchandise always ends up in a big pile on my table, covered in beer.

Besides your beer, the merchandise you sell is the second best way to boost your brand at festivals. Trouble is, beer-quenched people are savages, always rummaging through your stuff until they find the right size or color, leaving you with a heaping pile of sud-stained apparel. What if we told you we found a way to display your merchandise in an appealing, organized, and creative manner? Lucky for you, we did, and suddenly all your dreams have come true.

Pain-Point #3: The festival scene is crowded. How do I stand out?

As of June 30, there are 4,656 operating breweries in the U.S., which is 15% more than last year, and the number keeps on growing*. So, yeah, making a splash at beer festivals can seem impossible. But with our custom-made event setups, complete with design elements built around your unique brand personality, we're confident your beer will be the talk of the fest and your business will reap major awareness benefits.

To showcase our custom beer festival solutions, we're revealing a tent transformation at this year's Microbrew & Music Festival in Traverse City, MI. We'll show you how we can enhance your event space into a clean, organized, eye-catching experience that shouts your brand from the tent peaks and let's you do what you do best — beer.

Want to learn more? Follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on the transformation project, and visit our website for a detailed summary of our custom event services. And remember, you're one call away from beer fest success.

*Source courtesy of Brewer's Association, 2016

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