Happy Valentine's Day!

02/14/2013 / in Accessories, Event Marketing, Tents / by Maren

Gillette's Kiss & Tell Campaign brought Kristin Cavallari, Keri Hilson, Nikki Reed and one of our MASTERTENTS together!

There's a lot of love in the air at TentCraft this Valentine's Day. We were pretty excited when we were asked to build this kissing booth for Gillette's new marketing campaign. I mean, who wouldn't get excited about a kissing booth? And what man wouldn't consider shaving after reading that "Nearly 1 in 3 women have avoided kissing a guy with facial hair?"

This is the first time that we've printed on clear walls, which adds to the excitement of this project for us. We used our UV roll to roll printer to burn the image into the clear vinyl, which ensures that the image won't scratch off. These walls are built for hot or cold weather, as they're built to resist cracking in even 20 degree weather! Maybe we'll set up our own kissing booth here in chilly Northern Michigan! Don't be fooled by the clear walls, though, this tent is very sturdy. The entrance is actually made of two real doors. The roof is a full digital print using our dye sub printer, which actually embeds the ink right into the polyester material. No doubt this tent will last for many kisses to come! This tent was fully fabricated in house, and couldn't have happened without our excellent design and production teams.

Gillette 1

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