Does your Marketing Strategy Need a Makeover

02/13/2013 / in Accessories, Event Marketing, Tents / by Maren

Every day we hear from people who are completely fed up and frustrated with their cheap pop-up tents. If you skimp on the tent budget, you're likely going to end up with something that looks flimsy or is going to break within the first year.

We jump at the chance to give the TentCraft makeover, because it truly feels great to help different businesses enhance their image and build their brand. Here are some great before and after pics:

United Healthcare

Before: The roof is saggy which makes the website look wrinkled and hard to read. How can people visit your site if they can’t even read it!? The tent legs are slanted inward so that it has to balance on the backdrop to even stay standing!

United Healthcare

After: Our tensioner system ensures that the roof is properly stretched so people can actually tell what your brand is. The frame is thick and sturdy and doesn’t have to lean on anything to stay standing!

Monarch Bank

Before: The roof is not properly attached to the frame to the point where the frame sticks out where the roof should be! The roof just waves around in the wind and is unreadable.


After: The roof and walls look sleek and polished. I’d trust it in a hurricane!

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