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TentCrafters: Helping Breweries Dominate the Beer Fest Scene

08/12/2016 / by Megan Ruediger / Brewery Tents, On the Road, Quality, TentCrafters, Tents

As craftsmen of the event marketing industry, we're taking "custom" to the next level by helping one Michigan-based brewery — whose name shall remain anonymous — transform their presence at this year's 9th Annual Microbrew & Music Festival into a full-blown, hop-tastic brand experience that's built on authenticity and craft. Think HGTV, think House Crashers, think TentCraft elevating a brewery's brand in a way you've never seen before. Hi, we're TentCrafters. It's nice to meet you. ...

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MasterTent Has You Covered

07/13/2016 / by Megan Ruediger / On the Road, Quality, Tents

Here in northern Michigan, we experience all kinds of weather. From torrential downpours to heavy snowfall, from blistering hot days to pop-up thunderstorms, we've got it all. And we know how detrimental weather can be when it comes to your outdoor plans. Trust us, we know. That's why our MASTERTENT model is designed to outwit, outlast, and out-weather whatever Mother Nature throws its way. For instance, maybe you're hosting a major event on the hottest day of...

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My New Sales Hero

03/25/2014 / by Matt / Inspiration, On the Road

On our way to South by Southwest in Austin (SXSW or "South by" if you are hip and you need to say it out loud), the TentCraft team of TJ, Kurt and Matt was laid over at Chicago O'Hare airport. Right next to our gate was a little, nondescript Sunglass Hut kiosk. Let me state very clearly that (i) I did not need sunglasses as I already had a pair in my suitcase and (ii) I swore...

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The Right Tent Really Does Make A Difference

06/18/2013 / by Mr Tentcraft / Event Marketing, On the Road, Tents

Sometimes, the best descriptions and selling points of your products are not the ones that your team spends hours trying to carefully craft. Sometimes the best advertising you receive comes from your customers. The following is an email that we received, along with a picture that does a much better job illustrating the difference of our product than we could ever do. ...

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Event Marketer Booth Breakdown

05/07/2013 / by Maren / Accessories, Event Marketing, On the Road, Tents

Event Marketer Booth Set Up For those of you who are at Event Marketer in Chicago and haven't checked out the TentCraft booth (conveniently located at booth spaces 315 & 316), by all means, stop by to see what all of the commotion is about! We're featuring a ton of our accessories at this show that will definitely enhance any mobile marketing campaign. Here's the breakdown: ...

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SIA Snow Show

01/30/2013 / by Maren / Event Marketing, On the Road

Our team just arrived to Denver, CO for the SIA Snow Show and are enjoying the incredible winter Colorado landscape. Boulder, CO - Photo: K. Neller The show goes from January 31 - February 3, and features all outdoorsy things that involve snow. We're honored to be there with companies like Rossignol, Black Diamond,...

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Hot Tips for a Successful Trade Show

01/25/2013 / by Maren / General, On the Road

We're attending several trade shows and events this month, which got me thinking about how they really benefit a company. How can you make sure that you are getting the most out of the show and making the most efficient use of your time? I searched around on, one of my favorite websites, and found some excellent pointers and things to consider when attending any trade show or marketing event with the goal of promoting your brand. Giant snowboarder mural outside of Outdoor...

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Where in the World is TentCraft!?

01/15/2013 / by Maren / On the Road

Upcoming Events in January & February PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, FL Jan 21 — Jan 26 Darick will run our booth at this show along with Todd, sports specialist from our parent company, Britten Banners. If you haven't worked with either of these gentlemen, I would encourage you to stop by our booth, #3624, to talk golf and maybe go over some...

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