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Custom Tents - More Than a Commodity

01/30/2017 / by Tentcraft / Event Marketing, General, Tents

As a member of TentCraft's Inside Sales team, I'm often reminded that our event tents and structures aren't the most budget-friendly on the market. Accordingly, my conversations often center on why making a greater initial investment with TentCraft can ensure deadlines are met and help avoid additional costs down the road for things like replacement parts, canopies, and entire tents. This often leads to a brief discussion surrounding brands and commodities. ...

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Senior Project: A Step Closer to Graduation

05/21/2014 / by Guest / General, Guest Author, Tents

We're quite fond of the place we call home so we're always excited when we have an opportunity to work with local organizations and sometimes even local high school students. Today's guest post comes from Jordan Peplinski, a senior at Glen Lake High School who recently worked with us for her senior project. When I thought about how I was ever going to take this picture I painted in my mind and transform it into something physical,...

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My First Weeks at TentCraft

05/07/2014 / by Kristina / General, Guest Author, Tents

Upon entering the front of the Tentcraft building for the first time, I encountered a familiar face—a cardboard cutout of Darth Vader (complete with Viking helmet). My first thought was, "At last, I have found my people." Freshly minted from design school, I have been given the opportunity to be the art intern at Tentcraft. Hi there, I'm Kristina Buntic. Nice to meet you. Production & Philosophy ...

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An Unbiased Look at Why the Kentucky Derby is a Big Deal

05/01/2014 / by TentCraft / Event Marketing, General

This weekend marks the celebration of "the most exciting two minutes in sports." That's right, folks—the Run for the Roses! The 140th Annual Kentucky Derby is upon us. If you aren't big into horse racing—or sports in general—do not worry. I have plenty of reasons as to why you should be psyched about the upcoming weekend (Seriously—I really do). Let's start...

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Pitching Tents and Chicken Farming

04/03/2014 / by Matt / General, Messages from Matt, Tents

The context for the below email is that TentCraft just had the busiest month ever (narrowly squeaking by last September) and things got a little stressful for the tent team. ************************************************ Sent: Tue 4/1/2014 10:35 PM Team, ...

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03/20/2014 / by Maren / General

One great thing about working for Britten Studios is that we're always expanding to meet the needs of various markets—from retail centers and sports arenas to experiential marketers and more. As we grow outward, we're also expanding the programs offered to employees as well. Enter the Britten Health and Wellness committee. There are about 11 of us that get together a few times a month to brainstorm about what employees would want to participate in to improve...

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Donations - Current Thoughts and Future Plans

02/14/2014 / by Matt / General, Messages from Matt, Tents

While this is an uncomfortable post to write—I, along with others from our tent team, have had this conversation enough times to warrant a quick post. In a typical year, TentCraft receives hundreds of requests for donations. We are humbled by the number of worthy causes which offer to partner with us to raise community awareness through sponsorship. The reality is that TentCraft is a startup—and we receive exponentially more requests than we could ever realistically accommodate....

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10 Ways to Accessorize Your Tent

12/09/2013 / by Maren / General, Messages from Matt, Tents

1. Heaters - Stay warm this winter by adding a heater to your tent set up ...

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Matt's Inaugural Post

09/06/2013 / by Matt / Event Marketing, General, Messages from Matt, Tents

Hi. Matt Bulloch here, and this is my first blog post EVER. I'm the President of TentCraft. I'm obviously completely unbiased, but I think we have such a cool little company and I'd like to tell you more about it via this blog. There will of course be posts about custom tents, but I also want to talk about outdoor marketing in general, startups and entrepreneurship as I understand it. To put everything in context, I recently...

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