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Custom Tents - More Than a Commodity

01/30/2017 / by Tentcraft / Event Marketing, General, Tents

As a member of TentCraft's Inside Sales team, I'm often reminded that our event tents and structures aren't the most budget-friendly on the market. Accordingly, my conversations often center on why making a greater initial investment with TentCraft can ensure deadlines are met and help avoid additional costs down the road for things like replacement parts, canopies, and entire tents. This often leads to a brief discussion surrounding brands and commodities. ...

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The Client & The Company

06/09/2014 / by Morgan / Event Marketing, Tents

There aren't many instances in life where you can be two different people at once—I mean I've always wanted to be Wonder Woman and Morgan but that is usually followed by "a girl can dream, can't she." So when the opportunity came to be both a customer and a member of the TentCraft Team, I was all for it! I am currently the Event Coordinator for a local Mountain Bike Race in Traverse City called Conquer The...

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An Unbiased Look at Why the Kentucky Derby is a Big Deal

05/01/2014 / by TentCraft / Event Marketing, General

This weekend marks the celebration of "the most exciting two minutes in sports." That's right, folks—the Run for the Roses! The 140th Annual Kentucky Derby is upon us. If you aren't big into horse racing—or sports in general—do not worry. I have plenty of reasons as to why you should be psyched about the upcoming weekend (Seriously—I really do). Let's start...

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Road to Sochi 2014

11/08/2013 / by Maren / Event Marketing, Tents

It's that time of the year again! The thin layer of Northern Michigan snow that covered the ground this morning already has me thinking about getting my snowboard out of storage. I could at least try on my gear... And the Sochi Olympic games make this winter even more special. The winter sports season is about to begin! The Road to Sochi Tour is in place to count down the days prior to the start of the...

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Matt's Inaugural Post

09/06/2013 / by Matt / Event Marketing, General, Messages from Matt, Tents

Hi. Matt Bulloch here, and this is my first blog post EVER. I'm the President of TentCraft. I'm obviously completely unbiased, but I think we have such a cool little company and I'd like to tell you more about it via this blog. There will of course be posts about custom tents, but I also want to talk about outdoor marketing in general, startups and entrepreneurship as I understand it. To put everything in context, I recently...

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Floatilla 2013

08/29/2013 / by Maren / Event Marketing, Tents

Hi. We're going to do it again! Last year a group of kayakers gathered in West Grand Traverse Bay in an attempt to break the Guinness world record for the World's Largest Raft of Kayaks and Canoes. The current world record is 1,903 boats, and last year we had 1,750 kayaks and canoes come together for the first attempt to break the record at what has now become known as "Floatilla." This year, we will do the...

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The Best Summer Marketing Accessory

07/24/2013 / by Maren / Accessories, Event Marketing

...Branded umbrellas! Full digital printed umbrellas are a great way to provide shade or protection from the rain while also putting your brand out there. Here are some great umbrellas that we've done: ...

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Directors Chairs are Here!

07/16/2013 / by Maren / Accessories, Event Marketing

Need a branded directors chair at your next event? Give us a call! Check out the different colors and finishes that we have available: ...

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Mobile Shops: The New Way of Doing Business

06/25/2013 / by Maren / Event Marketing, Tents

Why wait for your customers to come to you? Have you noticed how popular food trucks have become lately? They're not just for big cities anymore. There's even a new TV show on the Food Network called The Great Food Truck Race. Have you seen it? Why are people rushing to start these mobile businesses? There are some great advantages: ...

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