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Case Study: The Ultimate Brewery Setup

09/09/2016 / by Joey DiFranco / Brewery Tents

Beard's Brewery Beer Tent Transformatio Every so often, an idea comes along that sparks an entirely new passion within a company. More than likely, it involves a little bit of risk and a whole lot of creativity, a daring concept that may or may not pan out in the end. In our case, that idea involved beer and all of its delicious, full-bodied glory. ...

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Last Call - Finish Your Beer Tents!

08/25/2016 / by Megan Ruediger / Brewery Tents, Quality, Speed, TentCrafters, Tents

Turning an Idea Into a Full-Blown Experience, Beer Tent Style We're two days out from revealing our custom beer tent transformation at the Traverse City Summer Microbrew & Music Festival. This is exciting stuff, you guys. We've been working toward this day for the past three months; back when the idea of turning a brewery's festival tent into a custom-made experience was nothing but a sketch on a whiteboard. ...

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08/17/2016 / by Megan Ruediger / Brewery Tents, Quality, Speed, TentCrafters, Tents

Brewers Talked. We Listened: Custom Solutions to Beer Fest Success As a brewer, you know how challenging beer festivals can be for your business. They're chaotic, and in a sea of brew tents and thirsty attendees, making a dent in an over-populated landscape doesn't come easy. To help you overcome your beer festival hurdles, we sat down with a handful of local...

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TentCrafters: Helping Breweries Dominate the Beer Fest Scene

08/12/2016 / by Megan Ruediger / Brewery Tents, On the Road, Quality, TentCrafters, Tents

As craftsmen of the event marketing industry, we're taking "custom" to the next level by helping one Michigan-based brewery — whose name shall remain anonymous — transform their presence at this year's 9th Annual Microbrew & Music Festival into a full-blown, hop-tastic brand experience that's built on authenticity and craft. Think HGTV, think House Crashers, think TentCraft elevating a brewery's brand in a way you've never seen before. Hi, we're TentCrafters. It's nice to meet you. ...

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