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Here at TentCraft, We're Intense About Camping

10/06/2016 / by Shelby Oredson / Tents

With a name like TentCraft, people count on us for all things tents. Pop-up tents, inflatable tents, permanent tents, pavilion tents, tailgate tents, frame tents. Whatever event tent you need, we've got you covered. Literally. Don't let that statement fool you, though. You might be thinking — hey, you guys make tents, and I need a tent for my camping trip next...

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Five years ago, we sold a 10x15 custom-printed MASTERTENT to one of the most treasured businesses in northern Michigan — Moomers Ice Cream. With their award winning flavors, homemade treats, and sugarcoated cones, Moomers is a summertime gem for locals and tourists alike. Out of curiosity, we decided to find out how Moomers' tent has been holding up over the years. Our MASTERTENTS are designed to outlast any other tent in the market, so we wanted to...

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10 Things Your Didn't Know About Our 10x10 Pop-Up Tents

09/16/2016 / by Megan Ruediger / Tents

It's true, our MASTERTENT and mightyTENT models are really, really, really good-looking, crafted from the finest, most durable materials available. But did you know they're also smart and agile and sewn together with love? Here, 10 impressive things you probably didn't know about our pop-up tents: ...

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Case Study: The Ultimate Brewery Setup

09/09/2016 / by Joey DiFranco / Brewery Tents

Beard's Brewery Beer Tent Transformatio Every so often, an idea comes along that sparks an entirely new passion within a company. More than likely, it involves a little bit of risk and a whole lot of creativity, a daring concept that may or may not pan out in the end. In our case, that idea involved beer and all of its delicious, full-bodied glory. ...

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Work Hard, Play Hard: TentCraft Outdoor

09/01/2016 / by Megan Ruediger / Culture, TentCraft Outdoor, Tents

Here at TentCraft, we take our relationship with the great outdoors almost as seriously as we do our tents. Based in Traverse City, Michigan, our backyard is an outdoorsman's playground, a boundless oasis for the active soul. Whether you're an avid angler, a hardcore camper, or a professional patio drinker, the options are endless, and we feel very fortunate to live in such a beautiful place. ...

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Last Call - Finish Your Beer Tents!

08/25/2016 / by Megan Ruediger / Brewery Tents, Quality, Speed, TentCrafters, Tents

Turning an Idea Into a Full-Blown Experience, Beer Tent Style We're two days out from revealing our custom beer tent transformation at the Traverse City Summer Microbrew & Music Festival. This is exciting stuff, you guys. We've been working toward this day for the past three months; back when the idea of turning a brewery's festival tent into a custom-made experience was nothing but a sketch on a whiteboard. ...

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08/17/2016 / by Megan Ruediger / Brewery Tents, Quality, Speed, TentCrafters, Tents

Brewers Talked. We Listened: Custom Solutions to Beer Fest Success As a brewer, you know how challenging beer festivals can be for your business. They're chaotic, and in a sea of brew tents and thirsty attendees, making a dent in an over-populated landscape doesn't come easy. To help you overcome your beer festival hurdles, we sat down with a handful of local...

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TentCrafters: Helping Breweries Dominate the Beer Fest Scene

08/12/2016 / by Megan Ruediger / Brewery Tents, On the Road, Quality, TentCrafters, Tents

As craftsmen of the event marketing industry, we're taking "custom" to the next level by helping one Michigan-based brewery — whose name shall remain anonymous — transform their presence at this year's 9th Annual Microbrew & Music Festival into a full-blown, hop-tastic brand experience that's built on authenticity and craft. Think HGTV, think House Crashers, think TentCraft elevating a brewery's brand in a way you've never seen before. Hi, we're TentCrafters. It's nice to meet you. ...

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Case Study: The Determined mightyTent

08/03/2016 / by Megan Ruediger / Tents

Who'd we help? Miracle Math Coaching, a comprehensive tutoring program based in Fairfield, California. What'd they need? As part of their summer math program, Miracle Math Coaching needed four 10X10 mightTENTs that would grab the attention of kids in kindergarten through eighth grade, and provide a fun...

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