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The Best Summer Marketing Accessory

07/24/2013 / by Maren / Accessories, Event Marketing

...Branded umbrellas! Full digital printed umbrellas are a great way to provide shade or protection from the rain while also putting your brand out there. Here are some great umbrellas that we've done: ...

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Directors Chairs are Here!

07/16/2013 / by Maren / Accessories, Event Marketing

Need a branded directors chair at your next event? Give us a call! Check out the different colors and finishes that we have available: ...

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Mopar Set Up

06/10/2013 / by Maren / Accessories, Event Marketing, Tents

Check out this custom job for Mopar. Mopar already has a cool logo, and it really stands out on our tents. How many different TentCraft products can you name in this picture? The number we're looking for here is 6: -2 frame tents -2 full digital printed back walls -1 Pop up tent ...

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Summertime Tents

05/31/2013 / by Maren / Accessories, Event Marketing, Tents

Happy Friday! Summertime always makes me think of BBQs and cookouts. We just did this pretty cool 5'x10' MASTERTENT for Annie's Hot Dogs which reminded me of some other tents that we've done for other hot dog vendors. A hot dog cookout is a sure sign of summer! Annie's Hot Dogs...

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Event Marketer Booth Breakdown

05/07/2013 / by Maren / Accessories, Event Marketing, On the Road, Tents

Event Marketer Booth Set Up For those of you who are at Event Marketer in Chicago and haven't checked out the TentCraft booth (conveniently located at booth spaces 315 & 316), by all means, stop by to see what all of the commotion is about! We're featuring a ton of our accessories at this show that will definitely enhance any mobile marketing campaign. Here's the breakdown: ...

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Summertime Sponsorship

04/23/2013 / by Maren / Accessories, Event Marketing, Tents

Thinking of sponsoring a show or event this summer? There are many priceless benefits that enhance your brand in terms of brand association. Why should you sponsor an event this summer? -Raise brand awareness -Shape consumer attitudes about your brand in association with the sponsored event -Support your new sales promotion or product campaign -Create preference - Raise consumer's internal emotional commitment to brand ...

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Sponsorship Essentials

04/15/2013 / by Maren / Accessories, Event Marketing

Thinking about sponsoring an organization, show or event this summer? Make sure you put your name on everything! Here's how TentCraft can help: This director's chair that we made for is a great way to promote your brand and provide comfort for your potential customers. ...

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Getting Ready for Your Event & Booth Placement

04/08/2013 / by Mr TentCraft / Accessories, Event Marketing

From expos and tradeshows to conferences and festivals, it is that time of year where you need to be thinking about, and investing in, how your brand interacts with your potential customers at events. The first thing you need to recognize is what you are doing to make your business stand out from your competitors. When it comes to booth placement, here are few things that you need to consider.nEveryone has heard the philosophical thought experiment "If...

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Pain & Gain on Spring Break

04/05/2013 / by Maren / Accessories, Event Marketing

Panama City Beach is the place to be for spring break! It's early morning and our 20'x20' frame tent and 10'x10' MASTERTENT anxiously await the arrival of the spring breakers. The frame tent made the scene to promote Mark Wahlberg & Dwayne Johnson's new movie, Pain & Gain. There were dumbells and pull up bars set up outside of the tent where spring breakers could show of their muscles. While not as big, the 10'x10' MASTERTENT stands out just as much to represent the new Star Trek movie Into Darkness. We did...

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