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We aim to provide you with insight into the ever-changing outdoor marketing and experiential marketplace and help create worry-free events. It’s full of things like industry updates, company news, and a whole lot of valuable content you won’t find anywhere else. Go ahead – read your heart out.

It's true, our MASTERTENT and mightyTENT models are really, really, really good-looking, crafted from the finest, most durable materials available. But did you know they're also smart and agile and sewn together with love? Here, 10 impressive things you probably didn't know about our pop-up tents: They've been battle-tested to withstand wind gusts of up to 30 mph (with optional foot plates). In other words, they're mega-strong, and they're not afraid of Mother Nature and her obnoxious wind. Speaking of strong, did you know our MASTERTENT model acts as a home gym for anyone interested in pumping out one or twenty pull-ups at their next event? Yep, you read that right. The MASTERTENT's anodized frame and octagonal-shaped legs make it the strongest commercial pop-up tent in the market. We currently hold the world record for fastest pop-up tent assembly time. It's 26 seconds. To put that into perspective, your dentist recommends you brush your teeth for two minutes. Just saying. A wrinkled, saggy canopy makes us sad, so we found a way to fix the issue. Thanks to our patented system of tension straps and 500-denier polyester material, our canopies are taut, tight, and tidy, meaning your brand will look sharp everywhere you go. Just call us the Swiss Army Knife of the tent world. With their detachable countertops, removable vinyl walls, and adjustable leg heights, our pop-up tents are the adaptable tools you've been looking for to tackle all your event marketing needs. Talk about homegrown. Each individual pop-up tent canopy is hand-sewn by one of our seamstresses at our in-house production facility located in Traverse City, MI. Every stitch, every thread, every pin-pricking ouch — we do it all. Here in Michigan, we've experienced our fair share of nasty weather. From scorching hot days to blizzard-like conditions, we've seen it all, and we know how detrimental nasty weather can be for your event. That's why we offer heat kits and cooling misters to give your tent optimum temperature control and comfort. Our pop-up tents are big and mighty, yes. But I bet you didn't know they breakdown into one, easy-to-transport storage case designed specifically for your traveling needs. Wondering where the canopy goes after breaking down your tent? Good news — it stays put. Unless your canopy needs cleaning or replacing, it can remain attached to the frame during storage. 3 days. That's how long it takes us to bring your pop-up tent to life. From your quote request to your shipping date, we produce your project with speed, quality, and an extra dose of tender loving care.

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Case Study: The Ultimate Brewery Setup

Joey DiFranco /// 09/09/2016

Beard's Brewery Beer Tent Transformation Every so often, an idea comes along that sparks an entirely new passion within a company. More than likely, it involves a little bit of risk and a whole lot of creativity, a daring concept that may or may not pan out in the end. In our case, that idea involved beer and all of its delicious, full-bodied glory. You might be thinking, "What the heck does a tent company have to do with the world's greatest beverage?" Let me explain. Here in Michigan, beer festivals are a big deal, especially during the summertime. If it's a weekend, odds are there's a beer festival going down starring hundreds of breweries from around the state, itching to put their beer in the hands of festivalgoers. But a brewery can't just show up to a festival and expect immediate success. They need a plan. They need a presence. They need a way to attract, intrigue, and delight the thousands of beer fanatics passing through the festival scene. They need a kick-ass tent, is what I'm saying, and that's how our risky, off-the-wall idea came to be. We decided to help brewers overcome their beer festival challenges by giving one brewery a brand new, one-of-a-kind tent setup at this year's Summer Microbrew & Music Festival in Traverse City, MI. At TentCraft, we're the kings of custom, so we brought out the big guns to design, build, and execute a never-before-seen brewery tent transformation. Let's just say, HGTV might be calling us after they see what we did. Who'd We Help? Beard's Brewery from Petoskey, MI. Founded in 2012, Beard's is owned and operated by two passionate home-brewers, Ben Slocum and Peter Manthei, who have created more than 100 unique, Michigan-inspired beers. We chose to work with this particular brewery because they're a thriving, local business that needed some help in the event tent category. Plus, their beer is phenomenal, so we thought they deserved an equally phenomenal festival setup. What'd They Need? After dissecting specific beer festival pain-points with co-owner, Ben, we discovered that Beard's was missing just about everything when it came to a successful event presence, minus the good beer, of course. No tent. No pizazz. No head-turning display. In short, they needed it all, and we couldn't wait to show them how our capabilities could elevate their brand to festival greatness. So What Did You Do? We brought together every facet of the TentCraft family — from art to production to sales — to develop a full-blown experience tailored to Beard's unique brand personality. We didn't just give them a tent. We gave them a space designed specifically for the beer festival environment, fitted with countertops, prime signage and flags, and a new jockey box and custom-made pouring platform. Did I mention the countertops? In a sea of ordinary tents, Beard's was the only brewery that provided a place for festivalgoers to comfortably hangout and chat, just like they would at their favorite neighborhood bar. How'd They Like It? Like it? They loved it. They were thrilled, shocked, amazed, grateful — all good things. But words can only say so much. If you really want to know how they liked it, watch the video to find out. What products were used? 10x10 MONARCHTENT

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Work Hard, Play Hard: TentCraft Outdoor

Megan Ruediger /// 09/01/2016

Here at TentCraft, we take our relationship with the great outdoors almost as seriously as we do our tents. Based in Traverse City, Michigan, our backyard is an outdoorsman's playground, a boundless oasis for the active soul. Whether you're an avid angler, a hardcore camper, or a professional patio drinker, the options are endless, and we feel very fortunate to live in such a beautiful place. In an effort to increase physical activity and further promote outdoor recreation at TentCraft, we recently applied for a grant from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services to support our active culture. The grant, "Getting to the Heart of the Matter," was made possible by grant operations organizations -

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Last Call - Finish Your Beer Tents!

Megan Ruediger /// 08/25/2016

Turning an Idea Into a Full-Blown Experience, Beer Tent Style We're two days out from revealing our custom beer tent transformation at the Traverse City Summer Microbrew & Music Festival. This is exciting stuff, you guys. We've been working toward this day for the past three months; back when the idea of turning a brewery's festival tent into a custom-made experience was nothing but a sketch on a whiteboard. At the time, the idea seemed farfetched. Transform a brewery's festival tent? Psh. Yeah, right. Who do we think we are, HGTV? But the more we thought about it, the more we liked it. And the more we liked it, the more adamant we became on making it happen. So we dove in head first, driven by the hope that this unorthodox idea might turn into something big, something meaningful; an innovative solution to brewer's beer festival challenges. Because, at TentCraft, that's what we're all about: adding value to our client's businesses while delivering world-class, custom-made results. This Saturday marks the culmination of our efforts. We talked to brewers face-to-face and we held strategy brainstorms and logistics meeting. We pulled in our art team to create a one-of-a-kind tent design. Our production team built custom-made elements that will alleviate pain-points for brewers. We printed, we sewed, and we worked together to develop a custom solution for beer festival success.

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Megan Ruediger /// 08/17/2016

Brewers Talked. We Listened: Custom Solutions to Beer Fest Success As a brewer, you know how challenging beer festivals can be for your business. They're chaotic, and in a sea of brew tents and thirsty attendees, making a dent in an over-populated landscape doesn't come easy. To help you overcome your beer festival hurdles, we sat down with a handful of local brewers and owners to uncover and dissect the challenges you face at these influential events. What we found is that our services at TentCraft function in perfect harmony to solving your festival pain-points. Pain-Point #1: My beer tent is always a sticky, dirty, unorganized mess. Pouring beer is a messy business. You're going to spill, the beer is going to drip all over your serving table, and things are bound to get messy. No one's perfect. It's fine. Fortunately, we created a custom-made countertop that's built with sanitation purposes in mind. Its glossy finish and built-in storage units eliminate mess like a boss, making your tent and your brand that much more pristine. Pain-Point #2: My merchandise always ends up in a big pile on my table, covered in beer. Besides your beer, the merchandise you sell is the second best way to boost your brand at festivals. Trouble is, beer-quenched people are savages, always rummaging through your stuff until they find the right size or color, leaving you with a heaping pile of sud-stained apparel. What if we told you we found a way to display your merchandise in an appealing, organized, and creative manner? Lucky for you, we did, and suddenly all your dreams have come true. Pain-Point #3: The festival scene is crowded. How do I stand out? As of June 30, there are 4,656 operating breweries in the U.S., which is 15% more than last year, and the number keeps on growing*. So, yeah, making a splash at beer festivals can seem impossible. But with our custom-made event setups, complete with design elements built around your unique brand personality, we're confident your beer will be the talk of the fest and your business will reap major awareness benefits. To showcase our custom beer festival solutions, we're revealing a tent transformation at this year's Microbrew & Music Festival in Traverse City, MI. We'll show you how we can enhance your event space into a clean, organized, eye-catching experience that shouts your brand from the tent peaks and let's you do what you do best — beer. Want to learn more? Follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on the transformation project, and visit our website for a detailed summary of our custom event services. And remember, you're one call away from beer fest success. *Source courtesy of Brewer's Association, 2016

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As craftsmen of the event marketing industry, we're taking "custom" to the next level by helping one Michigan-based brewery — whose name shall remain anonymous — transform their presence at this year's 9th Annual Microbrew & Music Festival into a full-blown, hop-tastic brand experience that's built on authenticity and craft. Think HGTV, think House Crashers, think TentCraft elevating a brewery's brand in a way you've never seen before. Hi, we're TentCrafters. It's nice to meet you. Since our establishment, the TentCraft family has been about creating world-class, one-of-a-kind projects. We believe "custom-made" is more than a flashy word to slap on a product label. Rather, it's a necessary quality found in everything we do. The craft beer industry is a booming market, one that's seen explosive growth over the years, thanks to millennials and their worldly taste for adult beverages. More and more beer festivals are popping up all over the country, too, and many brewers spend all summer traveling to events in order to promote and expand their brand. But aside from the craft beer and such, a kick-ass event space — fit with an attractive tent, engaging elements, and convenient sampling features — is crucial to a brewer's festival success. That's where we come in. We did our research, we listened to brewer's challenges, and we discovered what the marketplace is lacking when it comes to better serving festivalgoers. Because "custom" isn't just about the products we produce. It's about listening to the unique pain points of our customers and finding smart solutions to their business problems. It's about transforming their brand into a brand experience, and propelling them forward in an over-crowded market. You're not gonna want to miss this, my friends. It's sure to be transformative, revolutionary, and just plain awesome. So get excited, buy your tickets to the Microbrew & Music Festival, and like us on Facebook to discover just how custom "custom-made" can get. See you at the fest. Cheers!

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Case Study: The Determined mightyTent

Megan Ruediger /// 08/03/2016

Who'd we help? Miracle Math Coaching, a comprehensive tutoring program based in Fairfield, California. What'd they need? As part of their summer math program, Miracle Math Coaching needed four 10X10 mightTENTs that would grab the attention of kids in kindergarten through eighth grade, and provide a fun and inviting space for learning. Each tent included half walls and leg poles, and our team produced a quick-turn request for a customized retractable banner. That's sweet, but what made this project so unique? One word: determination. The client provided a logo and a vision, and that's about it. Thankfully, we love when this happens. We love creative freedom, flexibility, and control over the visual reins. Throughout the entire process, our art team coached the client about attractive design elements, color schemes, and more. Overall, we designed seven possible sketch options in a short amount of time. And after each proposed sketch, the client provided constructive feedback about desired changes and additions, resulting in a fully customized, personally engaged relationship between the art team and the client. Basically, this project allowed us to show off our relentless dedication to client satisfaction. We're not happy until our clients are happy. It's that simple. So what happened next? Math camp, that's what happened. Kids learned things, parents smiled at their kids learning things, and our stellar tents provided the perfect environment for such learning. Miracle Math Coaching expressed their gratitude for our patience, our creative talents, and our determination to make their vision come to life. It was a win-win situation for everyone involved, including the kids. Testimonial "Oh my goodness, it looks great! I appreciate you all so much." ~ Miracle Math Coaching Featured Products: 10x10 mightyTent Half Walls Full Wall Feather Flag

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MasterTent Has You Covered

Megan Ruediger /// 07/13/2016

Here in northern Michigan, we experience all kinds of weather. From torrential downpours to heavy snowfall, from blistering hot days to pop-up thunderstorms, we've got it all. And we know how detrimental weather can be when it comes to your outdoor plans. Trust us, we know. That's why our MASTERTENT model is designed to outwit, outlast, and out-weather whatever Mother Nature throws its way. For instance, maybe you're hosting a major event on the hottest day of the year. With the MASTERTENT's UV protection coated material, you don't need to worry about fading or sun damage. Make sure you bring sunscreen, though. You know, for your nose and ears and stuff. Worried about that gloomy rain shower ruining your family picnic? Have no fear. Our canopies and walls are designed and tested to resist water, keeping you, the family, and the dog dry — all day long. Or maybe the meteorologist underestimated his radar map, and that so-called "mostly cloudy day" turns into a full-fledged thunderstorm with 30 mph wind-speeds. If that's the case, we recommend evacuating the area. But know that your tent and its strong, anodized aluminum frame is wind-rated up to 31 mph. In other words, it's like the Thor of the tent world — strong and handsome as hell. The MASTERTENT model isn't just a nice way to spruce up your event space. It's a tent you can depend on when the going gets tough and the weather gets angry. It's a tent that has you covered.

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The Quality of Craft

Megan Ruediger /// 07/08/2016

Are all products created equal? At TentCraft, we don't think so. And we're guessing you don't either. When you spend your hard-earned money on a new ________, you want it to last, you want it to function properly, you want it to make you jump for joy every time you use it. Unfortunately, not all products have that kind of effect on their buyers. Not all products are made from the finest materials, or designed with careful, passionate craft, or held to the highest possible standards. Below, we illustrate the differences between generic products that make you feel meh to the products that make you proud and pleased and all things good. Industry: Craft Beer There's a reason craft beer is pricier than all other beer — it's better. The taste is more robust, brewed from carefully crafted ingredients to create deep, savory flavors that speak to the brewery's unique personality. In other words, you get more bang for your buck, because a case of craft beer is a case of bottled quality. Industry: Craft Food If you've ever ordered food from an artisan food truck, you've probably tasted some of the best grub ever made. Unlike cheap fast-food chains and consumer-packaged goods, food trucks sprinkle character, kick, and quality into every meal they make, crafting flavorful delicacies that satisfy the taste buds of everyone they serve. Industry: Craft Vehicles A low-budget car will only get you so far. It might take you on that cross-country road trip you've been planning for years, or it might break down on the side of the road in 110u00b0 heat. Invest in say, a Subaru, on the other hand, and you'll be camping in the mountains in no time. With their durable build and dependable quality, a brand like Subaru is the car of choice for outdoor enthusiasts everywhere. Industry: Craft Tents Just like a brewer selects the finest ingredients for her brew; just like a cook sprinkles a hint of character in every dish he makes; just like a Subaru will get you to your destination; at TentCraft, we're all those things and more. We brew fresh ideas, we create one-of-a-kind tents, and we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. We take craftsmanship seriously. We're careful, we're precise, and our products are made from the strongest, most durable materials available. We work hard for our clients, customizing projects to exceed expectations, nourishing relationships to garner trust, improving our craft day after day. Our price tag is higher because our quality is esteemed, our craft is original, and our products are better. Work with us, and you'll understand the quality of craft.

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