We know you're short on time—and your patience for long processes is limited. That's why SPEED is one of our distinguishing features. If you think our 3-day turnaround time for a custom pop-up tent is fast, we strive to be in touch within 20 MINUTES of receiving your quote submission.



We take pride in getting answers to you quickly so during business hours, we strive to be in touch within 20 minutes of you submitting your request. Unless noted otherwise, we’ll give you a call first and send a follow up email. During our initial conversation, we’ll make sure to first answer any and all questions that you have. We’re then looking to gather general intel from you about your event and/or the type of tent setup you’re interested in. We’ve produced a lot of custom tents and accessories over the years so feel free to pick our brain for ideas and solutions.

Following that conversation, we’ll send over a detailed quote—typically within 15-30 minutes of the call ending. If you have artwork readily available, we’ll obtain that from you and our design team will create a 3/4 view rendering of what your custom tent will look like—FREE OF CHARGE. You can see a few sample mock-ups below. If everything looks good and you approve the quote and mock-up, all we need is 60% down (we have a handy online payment feature as well) and we’ll begin producing your tent and/or any other event hardware and event signage.

Once everything is approved on your end, we can produce a completely custom pop up tent and accessories within 3 days.

tent mockup inflatable chair design

Everything that we do is custom, made to order and hand-fabricated right here in Traverse City, Michigan. We’re focused on giving our clients all the options they need, event if that means we’re custom fabricating one-off hardware accessories and more. Blanket pricing just doesn’t work with a custom shop.

On average, we can produce a custom tent with accessories in 3 days. Nevertheless, should an urgent situation arise, we’ve been known to produce them even faster. We do want to stress that while speed is important to us, quality remains paramount.

Preferred File Formats Include: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Tiffs and Adobe PDF.

Scale: Please set up your file at 10% scale, with embedded graphics of at least 720 dpi. Example: To set up a 80.75″h x 130″w Full Wall, your file size should be 8.075″h x 13″w.

Fonts: All fonts must be converted to outlines. If possible, font files (OTF or TTF) should also be included.

Images: 72 dpi at full size (720 dpi @ 10% scale) is optimal for photographic images, and any vector art will print at its highest possible resolution.

Color Profile: Set up photographic images in CMYK color mode (RGB photos will be converted). Specific Pantone colors should have PMS numbers assigned to all art and copy.

Pop up tent canopies are comprised of 500 denier polyester which also includes a special coating making the canopy UV resistant, mildew resistant, water-resistant and fire retardant.

When you purchase a pop up tent you will receive:

  • Tent frame
  • Canopy
  • Transport case
  • Stake kit (stakes, hammer and straps)

The canopy will come attached to the frame however it can be removed for cleaning, etc.